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Chennault 1998

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Date: 7 November 1998

Made by:


F-15A        77-0071 'JZ'        159 FW, 122 FS LA ANG 
UC-12B       161199 'G'/304      Training Wing 4, VT-31    (Conversion to TC-12B) 
WC-130H      65-0966             403 Wing, 815 WRS AFRC 
T-1A         91-0079 'XL'        47 FTW, 86 FTS AETC 
T-38A        65-10395 'VN'       71 FTW, 25 FTS AETC       (Flying Display) 
T-38A        70-1565 'VN'        71 FTW, 25 FTS AETC       (Flying Display) 
T-38A        64-13265 'WM'       509 BW, 394 CTS ACC 
UH-1V        70-16382            Joint Readiness Training Center, 38th Medical Detachment 
OH-58C(RG)   68-16696            Joint Readiness Training Center, Flight Detachment 
OH-58D(I)    95-0039             18th Aviation Brigade, 4-2 ACR(L) 
UH-60A       86-24525            18th Aviation Brigade, 4-2 ACR(L) 
Bell 412     N412EH              Era Aviation Inc. 
DC-9-41      N964AX              Airborne Express Inc. 

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