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Cherry Point 2008

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Date: 6-8 June 2008

Made by:


85-1494/MI, 86-0208/MI 	F-16C 		107th FS MI ANG
60-0008/LA 		B-52H 		2nd BW
90-0410/VN 		T-1A 		71st FTW
06-3818/CB 		T-6A 		14th FTW
68-8163/CB 		T-38C 		14th FTW
93-01004, 96-00036 	OH-58D 		1/17th CAV
93-26532 		UH-60L 		2-82nd Avn
98-05052, 98-05079 	AH-64D 		2-508th PIR
162143/40 		C-2A 		VRC-40
166466/NJ-132 		F/A-18F 	VFA-122
165996/F-996 		T-6A 		TW-6
162252/E-252 		T-34C 		TW-5
159364/F-25 		CT-39G 		TW-6
160849/G-402 		T-44A 		TW-4
165464/F-602 		T-45C 		TW-6
167084/B-306 		T-45C 		TW-2
164570/WH-01 		AV-8B 		VMA-542
161242/CB-01 		EA-6B 		VMAQ-1
160047 			C-9B 		VMR-1
157688/02 		HH-46E 		VMR-1
161180/EN-00 		CH-53E 		HMH-464
164950/AB-201 		F/A-18C 	VMFA-251
165739/BH-739 		KC-130J 	VMGR-252
166483/GX-20 		MV-22A 		VMMT-204
166715 			UC-35B 		VMR-1
2113 			HU-25A 		CGS Miami

88-1704/SJ, 89-0483/SJ 	F-15E 		334th FS
163892/CY-05 		EA-6B 		VMAQ-2
165738/BH738 		KC-130J 	VMGR-252
166454/NJ-130 		F/A-18F 	VFA-122
156476/00, 157876/01 	HH-46E 		VMR-1
162526/CJ-16 		CH-53E 		HMH-461
165243/CJ-22 		CH-53E		HMH-461
165850/EG-09 		MV-22A 		VMM-263
166723/EG-00 		MV-22A 		VMM-263
85-1607 		C-31A 		Golden Knights
NL51JB 			P-51D 		as 44-73029/B7-E
N22NA 			T-6G 		as 49-3222
NX194RR 		T-28B 		as 138194/2G-618
N555PF 			T-28B 		as 138265/PF
N73MG 			T-28B 		as 138360/KB-5
NX289RD 		T-28C		as 140576/A-576
N653DB 			T-28C 		as 140653/2S-653
N240CG 			T-28C 		as 146240/NJ-093

Blue Angels F/A-18s:
163093/1, 163106/2, 161967/3, 162826/4, 163130/5,
162437/6, 161943/7

Other Side:
149803/GR-803 		KC-130F 	VMGRT-253
166381/BH-381 		KC-130J 	VMGR-252
2x 			KC-130J		nn
3x 			F/A-18C		nn
3x 			EA-6B		nn
5x 			AV-8B		nn
all a/c were for assault demo but were hardly readable because of all the

161182/YM-24 		CH-53E 		HMM-365

Between Hangars:
160433/CB-00 		EA-6B 		VMAQ-1
161774/CY-03 		EA-6B 		VMAQ-2
162230/CY-02 +2 	EA-6B 		VMAQ-2
151948 			HH-46B 		wfu
151912/04 		HH-46E 		VMR-1

Army Aviation Heritage Foundation:
67-15737 		AH-1G 		N737HF
69-15354 		UH-1H 		N354HF
70-16426 		UH-1H 		N426HF
66-17795 		OH-6A 		N992CH
57-2795 		O-1A 		N32FL
59-2631 		OV-1B 		N631HF

N132FW 			FwP149D 	as DA-394
N7030C 			TBM-3E 		as 53454
N42YK 			Yak-3M 		as 7 white
N943HH 			Hurricane XII 	as V6793/DZ-O
N730MJ 			Spitfire IXe 	as MJ739/GZ
N2805J 			AC-47 		as 43770/EN
N972A 			O-1A 		as 51-11972
N1941P 			P-40E 		as 41-5658
N51EA 			P-51D 		as 44-63684/SX-B
N58390 			N2S-4 		as 306
N23827 			AD-4 		as 123827/B-501
N129DH 			L-29 		private
N2146J 			Strikemaster 	Dragon
N9521C 			PBY-5A 		private
The AC-47 was also reported as 43-16369, so the exact identity
is still unclear.
Overall a nice show, however due all the heatwaves at the
show, it was 40°C, a lot of serials could not be read off leaving
a lot of blank spots.

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