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Cherry Point 2012

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MCAS Cherry Point 100th Anniversary Marine Corps
Date: 5 May 2012
60-0051/BD B-52H 93rd BS AFRC  
159908/NJ-907 EA-6B VAQ-129  
166715 UC-35D MCAS Cherry Point  
166380/BH-380 KC-130J VMGR-252  
163919 E-6B VQ-3  
164886/WK-00 F/A-18D VMFA(AW)-224  
166454/AD-223 F/A-18F VFA-106  
165291/CA-32 AH-1W HMLA-269  
167997/TV-03 UH-1Y HMLA-167  
157678/01 HH-46E VMR-1  
161183/HH-01 CH-53E HMH-366  
162812/E-126 TH-57C TW-5 $
166352/HU-733 MH-60S HSC-2 $
166088/E-088 T-6B TW-5  
164562/CG-01 AV-8B VMA-231  
163867/KD-20 AV-8B VMAT-203  
168019/GX-31 MV-22B VMMT-204  
160432/CY-000 EA-6B pres  
(63-7934) F-4C pres as Blue angels  
N9964Z F4U-1D ex USN 92468  
N132FW FwP149D ex Germany DA+394  
N92879 SB2C-5 32  
N61268 PT-17 as N6-F-1  
157692/03, 156476/00 HH-46E VMR-1  
162310/QH-310 KC-130T VMGR-234  
164366/HH-07 +2 CH-53E HMH-366  
N240CG T-28C ex USN 146240  
N28XT T-28B ex USN 138339  
N73MG T-28B ex USN 138360  
NX289RD T-28C ex USN 140576  
N528TC T-28C ex USN 146253  
N22NA T-6G ex USAF 49-3222  
NX61429 P-51C ex USAAF 42-103645  
N9079Z TB-25N ex USAAF 44-40734  
F/A-18C/D* of the blue Angels:
163451/1, 163498/2, 163765/3, 163754/4, 162437/5, 163093/6, 163464/7
Flying only:
159195/HF-.. +1 UH-1N HMLA-269  
162010/EN-49 CH-53E HMH-464  
167909/YS-07 MV-22B VMM-162  
167918/YS-12 MV-22B VMM-162  
Far side platforms:
163124/VE-214 F/A-18A+ VMFA-115  
163174/VE-203 F/A-18A+ VMFA-115  
165001/WH-08 AV-8B VMA-542  
163876/WH-17 AV-8B VMA-542  
161348 +1 EA-6B VMAQ-4  
161885, 163032, 163520 EA-6B VMAQ-3  
KC-130J of VMGR-252, coded BH-xxx (last 3 of BuNo):
165737, 165809, 165810, 166381, 166472,
166764, 167112, 168069, 168071
162934 EA-6B VMAQ-3  
163881/KD-21 AV-8B VMAT-203  
163857/KD-09 TAV-8B VMAT-203  
163860/KD-16 TAV-8B VMAT-203  
162012/HH-16 CH-53E HMH-366  
151912 HH-46D std  
165054/CA-22 AH-1W HMLA-467  
160814/24 165392/27 AH-1W nn  
164587 AH-1W nn  
It is believed that the AH-1Ws belong to HMLA-467, but we need confirmation on that.
AV-8B of VMA-231, coded CG-xx:
165390/02, 165354/03, 165387/05, 165306/07
165310/08, 165355/10
AV-8B of VMA-231, coded EG-xx:
165383/51, 164551/53, 165594/54, 164126/55, 164544/56
These birds were carrying codes for ship deployement.
AV-8B of VMA-542, code WH-xx:
164139/01 165004/02 164560/05 163864/16
EA-6B of VMAQ-1 coded CB-xx:
158542/00 163031/01 163397/02 163530/04
EA-6B of VMAQ-4, coded RM-xx:
163889/06 162936/09 163528/--
UH-1N of HMLA-467, coded CA-xx:
158232/00 159197/04 160173/05 160459/06
158263/09 158271/12 158768/--
AV-8 maintenance hangar:
163424 AV-8B nn  
164122/KD-14 TAV-8B VMAT-203  
164139/KD-24 AV-8B VMAT-203?  
164546/KD-25 AV-8B+ VMAT-203  
164138/KD-15 TAV-8B VMAT-203  
AV-8B 164139 was also reported to us as a VMA-542 bird, if anyone can confirm this bird, please let us know.
165360/HF-21 AH-1W HMLA-269  
156419/ML-402 CH-46E NADEP  
156431/ML-404 CH-46E NADEP  
157688/02 HH-46E VMR-1  
166391/GX-22 MV-22B VMMT-204  
161262/HH-06 CH-53E HMH-366  
164777/EN-50 CH-53E NADEP  
161386/02, 164777 CH-53E NADEP  
162001/EN-48 CH-53E NADEP  
163056 MH-53E NADEP  
164766 MH-53E nmk, bare metal  
164862/BJ-862 MH-53E NADEP  


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