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Cincinnati-Lunken 2000

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Date: 27 August 2000

Made by:


61-2499/VN 	T-37
65-0249         C-141		AFRC "Wright Patterson"                         
79-0174/DM      A-10 
79-0210/DM      A-10                                      
90-0473         AH-64 		"SFOR"                                          
90-1796         C-130 		Ohio ANG "Mansfield" named "Spirit of Lexington"
163456/NG-407   FA-18 		VFA-147                                  
163760/NG-405   FA-18 		VFA-147                                  

N22NA  		T-6 		(93222)                          
N131CW          C-131		(42809)                         
N162WB          T-34 		(144055)                        
N179PT          F4U 		"WR"                             
N213BB          PT-17 		"Stearman"                     
N227GB          C-47 		(315033) Confederate Air Force  
N234MC          T-34 		(144104)                        
N317DM          MiG 21 		(905) excellent flying display
N352JU          Casa 352 	Confederate Air Force       
N421NM          T-34 		(5163)                          
N450PW          PT-17 Stearman                       
N462NA          T-28 		(140570)                        
N494TW          L-749/C-121 	(8609) MATS              
N1209P          OV-1 		(62-5890)                       
N4322N          L-39 		(62)                            
N8994           T-6 		(66-2814)                        
N9019N          T-28 		(140519)                        
N9590Z          TBM-3 		(91733)                        
N44307          L-39 		(117)                           
N51090          PT-26                                
"805"           TS-11 Iskra 	(not airworthy)          
6x		T-34		Lima Lima ?

N44V 		DC-3 Piedmont Airlines (old livery)
N9756 		New Standard D-25 Be-plane
N18407 		Stinson SR-9C American Airlines (old livery)

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