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Columbus AFB 2014

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Columbus AFB Wings Over Columbus Airshow
Date: 5-4-2014
80-0180/FT A-10C 23rd WG  
60-0041/BD B-52H 93rd BS AFRC  
98-1358 C-130J 314th AW  
57-1492 KC-135R 153rd ARS MS ANG  
87-0124 KC-10A 305th AMW  
86-0019 C-5B 337th AS AFRC  
03-3115 C-17A 183rd AS MS ANG  
88-1707/MO F-15E 366th FW  
88-1681/OT F-15E 422nd TES  
90-0730/LF F-16C 308th FS  
97-0107/OT F-16C 85th TES  
88-0153/LF F-16D 308th FS  
11-5028/EG F-35A 58th FS  
74-22311/FR TH-1H 23rd FTS  
87-24627 UH-60A nn  
??-72238 UH-72A MS ArNG  
65-10342/BB T-38A 99th RS  
68-8114/CB T-38C 14th FTW  
70-1582/CB T-38C 49th FTS  
95-0048/CB T-1A 48th FTS  
00-3592/CB T-6A 41st FTS  
02-3654/CB T-6A 37th FTS  
NX61429 P-51C ex USAAF 42-103645  
69-7081/CB T-38C 14th FTW  
1x T-38C 50th FTS  
90-0400/CB, 94-0146/CB T-1A 48th FTS  
1x T-6A 37th FTS  
1x T-6A 41st FTS  
N9079Z B-25J Ex USAAF 44-30734  
NX79123 P-38L Ex USAAF 44-27231  
N210D P-51D Ex USAAF 44-84952  
N9964Z FG-1D Ex USN 92468  
N36CA AT-6C Ex USAAF 41-33557  
N7197C T-6G 49-2897  
N4996H T-6G 49-3320  
N73RR SNJ-6 112131  
N933GC CT-133 Ex Canada 21306  
Plus the usual eight unidentified USAF Thunderbirds F-16s, six singles and two duals.
90-0408/CB, 94-0135/CB T-1A 48th FTS  
94-0145/CB, 94-0147/CB T-1A 48th FTS  
94-0148/CB, 95-0049/CB T-1A 48th FTS  
95-0051/CB, 95-0054/CB T-1A 48th FTS  
95-0062/CB T-1A 48th FTS  

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