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Concord 1993

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Date: 27 June 1993

Made by:


78-0615/CT,78-0625/CT A-10A        118th FS CT ANG
84-0072               C-21A        458th ALS
83-0491               LC-130H      139th ALS NY ANG
140907                T-34B        NRC/Fly Navy
160933/E-933          T-34C        TAW-5
161791/E-791          T-34C        TAW-5

85-1608/GK-002        C-31A        Golden Knights

Flying only:
56-3626               KC-135E      133rd ARS NH ANG
86-0840/HO            F-117A       49th FW

On the far side the 347th MedCo is stationed with the following
UH-1V: 66-16155, 66-16372, 66-16419, 66-16836, 68-16321 and 71-20166
UH-1H: 66-1097 and 67-18569

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