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Corpus Christi 1999

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Date: 26/27 March 1999

Made by:

Updated: 13 September 1999

AH-64A        88-0242                   7-6th CAV 
C-17A         90-0533 "58 AS"           97th AMW, 58th AS AETC 
C-2A          162155 'AD'/633           VAW-120 "Cyclones" 
E-2C          162800 'AD'/606           VAW-120 "Cyclones" 
F/A-18C       163498 'NK'/412           VFA-115 "Eagles"            also noted as NK-212!!! 
F/A-18D       163479 'AD'/406           VFA-106 "Gladiators"        also noted as AD-402!!! 
F/A-18D       165415 'CE'/06            VMFA(AW)-225 "Vikings" 
HU-25B        2103/CC                   CGAS Corpus Christi 
HH-65A        6552/CC                   CGAS Corpus Christi 
MH-53E        163052 'TB'/14            HM-15 "Blackhawks" 
P-3C          161592 'PZ'/592           VP-94 "Crawfishers" 
P-3 AEW       N146CS (154605)           US Customs Service 
S-3B          160582 'NK'/703           VS-35 "Blue Wolves" 
T-34C         160534 'G'/811            TW-4, VT-27 "Boomers"        midnight blue c/s 
T-34C         162264 'G'/726            TW-4, VT-28 "Rangers" 
T-37B         66-7968 'EN'              80th FTW, 89th FTS AETC 
T-38A         67-14841 'EN'             80th FTW, 90th FTS AETC 
T-38A         67-14845 'WM'             509th BW, 393rd BS ACC       "Spirit of Knob Noster" 
T-44A         160841 'G'/471            TW-4, VT-31 "Wise Owls" 
T-44A         160977 'G'/467            TW-4, VT-31 "Wise Owls" 
T-45A         165060 'B'/260            TW-2, VT-21 "Red Hawks" 
TC-12B        161498 'G'/320            TW-4, VT-31 "Wise Owls"        with "MARINES" titles 
UH-1H         70-16315                  Corpus Christi Army Depot 
UH-1N         158248 'G'/001            NAS Search and Rescue 
UH-60A        82-23704                  Corpus Christi Army Depot 
VC-3A         N404CG                    as 1282/Arlington 
UH-34D        N362YL 
Hunter F7     N617NL                    ex XL617 

Show Center: 
F/A-18A       161959/1                  Blue Angels 
F/A-18A       161963/2                  Blue Angels 
F/A-18A       161983/3                  Blue Angels 
F/A-18A       161969/4                  Blue Angels 
F/A-18A       161962/5                  Blue Angels 
F/A-18A       161955/6                  Blue Angels 

C-130H        86-1395/XP                180AS/MO ANG 
F-14A         160391 'AD'/130           VF-101 "Grim Reapers" 
F-14A         160681 'AD'/136           VF-101 "Grim Reapers" 
F-15C         82-0012 'FF'              1st FW, 71st FS ACC 
F-15C         82-0024 'FF'              1st FW, 94th FS ACC 
F-16C         88-0422/HL                388FW 
F-16C         88-0476/HL                388FW 
F/A-18B       ....../7                  Blue Angels 
T-2C          156686/A-915              VT-19/CTW-1 
T-2C          159705/A-977              VT-19/CTW-1 
T-34C         161810/G-710              TW-4 
T-34C         161834/G-734              TW-4 
T-44A         160978/G-457              VT-31/TW-4 
T-44A         161064/G-464              VT-31/TW-4 
T-45A         163608/B-204              VT-21/TW-2 
T-45A         165074/B-274              VT-21/TW-2 
T-45A         165083/A-104              VT-7/CTW-1 
T-45A         165460/A-117              VT-7/CTW-1 
TA-4J         154293/A-758              TW-1, VT-7 "Eagles" 
TC-12B        161510/G-510              VT-31/TW-4 
UH-1N         160834/G-002              NAS Search and Rescue 

West parking ramp: 
TC-12B        161200/G-305              VT-31 / TW-4 
TC-12B        161315/G-310              VT-31 / TW-4 
TC-12B        161316/G-311              VT-31 / TW-4 
TC-12B        161508/G-313              VT-31 / TW-4 
TC-12B        161194/G-303              VT-31 / TW-4 
TC-12B        1x                        VT-31 / TW-4 
UC-12B        161185/G                  VT-31 / TW-4 
TC-130G       151891                    Blue Angels 
T-34C         ....../G-806              TW-4 
T-34C         160279/G-772              TW-4 
T-34C         160282/G-801              TW-4 
T-34C         160473/G-742              VT-27 / TW-4 
T-34C         160485/G-787              TW-4 
T-34C         160508/G-791              TW-4 
T-34C         160521/G-767              TW-4 
T-34C         160530/G-810              TW-4 
T-34C         160532/G-804              TW-4 
T-34C         160535/G-771              TW-4 
T-34C         160632/G-727              TW-4 
T-34C         160636/G-756              VT-27 / TW-4 
T-34C         160643/G-753              TW-4 
T-34C         160940/G-740              TW-4 
T-34C         161794/G-704              VT-27 / TW-4 
T-34C         161795/G-705              TW-4 
T-34C         161796/G-706              TW-4 
T-34C         161797/G-707              TW-4 
T-34C         161800/G-814              TW-4 
T-34C         161811/G-711              VT-27 / TW-4 
T-34C         161814/G-714              TW-4 
T-34C         161815/G-715              VT-27 / TW-4 
T-34C         161819/G-757              TW-4 
T-34C         161821/G-721              VT-27 / TW-4 
T-34C         161822/G-722              TW-4 
T-34C         161823/G-723              TW-4 
T-34C         161825/G-725              VT-27 / TW-4 
T-34C         161837/G-747              TW-4 
T-34C         161838/G-762              TW-4 
T-34C         161839/G-776              VT-27 / TW-4 
T-34C         161849/G-763              TW-4 
T-34C         162247/G-816              TW-4 
T-34C         162258/G-737              TW-4 
T-34C         162267/G-821              TW-4 
T-34C         162289/G-773              VT-27 / TW-4 
T-34C         162290/G-760              TW-4 
T-34C         162304/G-736              TW-4 
T-34C         162306/G-824              TW-4 
T-34C         162631/G-744              TW-4 
T-34C         162641/G-761              TW-4 
T-34C         164159/G-825              TW-4 
T-34C         164173/G-702              TW-4 
T-44A         160840/G-462              VT-31 / TW-4 
T-44A         160843/G-443              VT-31 / TW-4 
T-44A         160845/G-445              VT-31 / TW-4 
T-44A         160847/G-447              VT-31 / TW-4 
T-44A         160854/G-454              VT-31 / TW-4 
T-44A         160856/G-456              VT-31 / TW-4 
T-44A         160972/G-412              VT-31 / TW-4 
T-44A         160973/G-423              VT-31 / TW-4 
T-44A         160979/G-406              VT-31 / TW-4 
T-44A         160985/G-425              VT-31 / TW-4 
T-44A         161057/G-427              VT-31 / TW-4 
T-44A         161058/G-433              VT-31 / TW-4 
T-44A         161060/G-460              VT-31 / TW-4 
T-44A         161061/G-461              VT-31 / TW-4 
T-44A         161062/G-431              VT-31 / TW-4 
T-44A         161063/G-463              VT-31 / TW-4 
T-44A         161068/G-434              VT-31 / TW-4 
T-44A         161069/G-436              VT-31 / TW-4 
T-44A         161070/G-440              VT-31 / TW-4 
T-44A         161071/G-401              VT-31 / TW-4 
T-44A         161072/G-472              VT-31 / TW-4 
T-44A         161073/G-473              VT-31 / TW-4 
T-44A         161078/G-405              VT-31 / TW-4 
T-44A         161079/G-407              VT-31 / TW-4 

United States Costum Service: 
P-3A          N15390                    ex 151390 
P-3AEW        N147CS                    ex 152722 
P-3AEW        N148CS                    ex 154575 
P-3A          N18314                    ex 150514 

T-34B         N8764T (140872)           US Navy Recruiting Command 
T-34B         N8767V (144071)           US Navy Recruiting Command 
HH-65A        6575/CC                   Corpus Christi CG 

Flying only : 
B-2A          ..-..../WM                509 BW 
HU-25A        2125/CC                   Corpus Christi CG 

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