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Davenport 1999

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Date: 16 July 1999

Made by:


85-24366              CH-47D              nn 
88-4406               C-130H              95thAS/440thAW 
160465/E-465          T-34C               TW5 
160494/E-494          T-34C               TW5 
157065/A-946          T-2C                VT19/CTW1 
159911/NJ-550         EA-6B               VAQ129 
79-23208              AH-1F               4-1thCAV 

151891                TC-130G             Blue Angels 

Flying only: 
161955/6              F/A-18A             Blue Angels 
161975/2              F/A-18A             Blue Angels 
161959/1              F/A-18A             Blue Angels 
161962/5              F/A-18A             Blue Angels 
161969/4              F/A-18A             Blue Angels 
161983/3              F/A-18A             Blue Angels 
80-0002/EG            F-15C               60thFS/33thFW 
83-0019/FF            F-15C               27thFS/1stFW 

83-24125              CH-47D              nn 
85-24363              CH-47D              nn 
91-0230               CH-47D              nn 
91-0242               CH-47D              nn 
91-0253               CH-47D              nn 
91-0259               CH-47D              nn 

67-19519              UH-1H               US Army Ia NG 
79-23208              UH-1H               US Army Ia NG 
??-16287              UH-1H               stored by access road 
??-                   UH-1                On pole by hangar 
66-1198               UH-1                US Army Ia NG  (Stored?) 
??-16304              UH-1                US Army Ia NG  (Stored?) 
1282                  VC-3A               USCG (Martin 404 N404CG) 
140020/NH-301         T-28B               (N8046D) 
138119/C-745          T-28B               (NX119RT) 
140909/LL-07          T-34B               (N5367G) Lima Lima Flight 
53-0017/LL-10         T-34B               (N34B) 
       /LL-50         T-34B               (N500DR) 
55-0704/LL-52         T-34B               (N12252) 
144093/LL-40          T-34B               (N400LL) 
N26MX                 Su-26               c/n 51-02 
NX600DM               Aero L39C           c/n 432935 
52-4584               F-86D               'FU-584'  Imaculate!!! 
NX996                 Mig 15              c/n 122071 
44-73264              P-51D               (N5428V) 
44-31385              B-24                (N3481G) 

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