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Davis-Monthan 2010

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Date: 20 March 2010

Made by: Scramble, Graeme


85-0065/DY	B-1B		28th BS
61-0006/LA	B-52H		20th BS
64-14865/FT	HC-130P		71st RQS
73-1595/DM	EC-130H		41st ECS
62-4138/OF	RC-135W		38th RS
63-8036		KC-135R		197th ARS AZ ANG
81-0005/OK	E-3C		963rd AACS
89-26196	HH-60G		55th RQS
01-05237	AH-64D		1-285th AVN
71-20727	OH-58A		1-224th AVN De
164574/SE-02	AH-1W		HMLA-469
158274/SE-23	UH-1N		HMLA-469
154827/YQ-15	CH-44E		HMM-268
161382/YJ-62	CH-53E		HMH-465
166521/TS-411	MH-60R		HSM-41
166553/TS-420	MH-60R		HSM-41
6572		MH-65C		USCG Los Angeles
80-23423	UH-60A		US CBP
N54AZ		Bell 407	Public Security
N155AZ		Ce172		Public Security
N179CB		EC120		US CBP
N201TU		AS350		US CBP
N305PD		Bell 206	Police
N390TH		B-17G		as 297849/J DI
N4052G		R22 Beta
N1650X		Ce210		US CBP
N2357Z		PA-18		US CBP
N6639R		OH-6A		US CBP
NX965AD		AD-4N		as 26965/TC

80-0168/DM	A-10C		354th FS
81-0950/DM	A-10C		357th FS

Under Sunsheds:
5351		MiG-19		Egypt AF/Pima Mus
46+01		Tornado		GAFFTC
81-0941/DM	A-10C		354th FS
66-0224/FT	HC-130P		79th RQS
68-0337/HO	F-4E		AMARG AAFP1058
85-0127/MO	F-15C		390th FS
86-0151/MO	F-15C		390th FS
90-0238/MO	F-15E		391st FS
91-0600/MO	F-15E		391st FS
84-1318/AZ	F-16C		195th FS
05-4099/HO	F-22A		7th FS)
56-3880/420	QF-100F		AMARG FE639
59-0043		QF-106A		AMARG AAFN0207
94-1555/CH	MQ-1A		USAF
93-0621/XL	T-1A		86th FTS
08-3906/XL	T-6A		96th FTS
64-13217/BB	T-38A		1st RS
68-8139/HO	T-38A		7th CTS
68-8163/CB	T-38C		50th FTS
80-23374	RC-12D		305th MI Bn
153486/05	TA-4F		AMARG AN3A0870
164341/12	F-14D		AMARG AN1K0200
165974/NJ-104	F/A-18F		VFA-122
165088/A109	T-45C		VT-7
N34PA		T-34A		as 254168
N34EM		T-34A		private
N39KR/81	L-39C		private
N39TU		Beech B2000	Pima Air Museum
N93N/PT		Ventus-B	private
N125AZ		TB-25N		as 335972
N126KP		Vans RV-3	private
N131SX		AMT-200S	as 01-131
N151MW/511633	P-51D		private
N171BP/34	Lim-5		private
N191CL/101	CJ-6		private
N205PS/IC	PZL B-1-PH-5	private
N360PT		CJ-6A		private
N3246G/25	SNJ-5		private
N5453K		Ce172		private
N548D		Bellanca 8	private
N5910R		Ce172		private
N6918H		Ce172		private
N616SB/061	Vans RV-8	Polish AF marks
N707GB		Ce310		private
N797TA		Mooney 20	private
N882CP		Ce182		Civil Air Patrol
N933GC/21306	T-33		private
NX243DM		T-28C		as 140662

78-0684/DM	A-10C		355th FW
78-0712/DM	A-10C		357th FS
79-0178/DM	A-10C		354th FS
80-0211/DM	A-10C		354th FS
80-0238/DM	A-10C		355th FS
81-0984/DM	A-10C		355th FW
86-0038		KC-10A		60th AMW
99-0058		C-17A		58th AS
65-0964		HC-130P		79th RQS
73-1584/DM	EC-130H		43rd ECS
89-2117/AZ	F-16C		152nd FS AZ ANG
90-0741/AZ	F-16C		152nd FS AZ ANG
79-23344	UH-60A		US CBP
90-26226/DR	HH-60G		305th RQS AFRC
90-26229	HH-60G		305th RQS AFRC
165910/NJ-117	F/A-18F		VFA-122
165930/NJ-111	F/A-18F		VFA-122
N139RH		L-39		Patriots team
N239RH		L-39		Patriots team
N339RH		L-39C		Patriots team
N439DH		L-39C		Patriots team
N900PJ		AC1121B
N444EW		C 421C
N71GP		MX-2		also seen as N74BS
N791AM		AS350		US CBP
Plus the F-16Cs 1-6 of the Thunderbirds and a P-51.

Flying only:
80-1093/BB	U-2		99th RS

There were three rows of sun-shelters housing based A-10s.
All coded DM
Back Row:
80-0146, 78-0673, 81-0997, 78-0652, 78-0670, 82-0648, 78-0650, 78-0651, 80-0205, 78-0709
Middle Row:
80-0162, 80-0210, 81-0978, 81-0948, 79-0167, 81-0939, 79-0187, 80-0254
Front Row:
80-0167 80-0203 80-0235 82-0665 80-0141
As well there were at least 35 parked beyond the shelters. We would be more than happy to receive these missing serials.

Noted on Sunday afternoon on a ramp near the DMI scrapyard were
64-14853/FT	HC-130P		71st RQS
64-14860/FT	HC-130P		79th RQS
73-1584/DM	EC-130H		43rd ECS
73-1590/DM +1	EC-130H		43rd ECS

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