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Dayton 2002

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Date: 20 July 2002

Made by:


12434        		CH-124B		nn                                       
146436                  CH-146		nn                                       
78-0641/PA              A-10A           103rd FS PA ANG                          
80-0263/BC              A-10A           172nd FS MI ANG                          
81-0981/PA              OA-10A          103rd FS PA ANG                          
81-0998/BC              A-10A           172nd FS MI ANG                          
84-0053/DY              B-1B            13th BS                                  
99-0060                 C-17A           62nd AW                                  
91-9144                 C-130H          910th AW AFRC                            
66-0134                 C-141C          445th AW                                 
63-7434 	        GF-4C		nose section only                        
88-1704/SJ              F-15E                                                    
91-0465/SW              F-16D           55th FS                                  
93-0550/SW              F-16C           55th FS                                  
81-10796/HO             F-117A          49th OG                                  
95-0048/CB              T-1A            48th FTS (no external serial, c/n TT-157)
95-3004/RA              T-6A		c/n PT-8                                 
68-8146/CB              T-38A                                                    
73-1154/RA              T-43A           562nd FTS                                
163034/NJ-556           EA-6B           VAQ-129                                  
165670/NJ-114           F/A-18F         VFA-122                                  
165674/NJ-112           F/A-18F         VFA-122                                  
165284/MP-01            AH-1W           HMLA-773                                 
162503/BJ-561           MH-53E          HM-14                                    
158913/913              P-3C            VP-40                                    
164801/AB-611           SH-60F          HS-11                                    
156713/A-959            T-2C            TW-1/VT-9                                
157034/A-928            T-2C            TW-1/VT-9                                
165509/F-01             T-39N           nn                                       
160845/G-445            T-44A           ?                                        
163621/B-221            T-45A           TW-2                                     

82-0799/HO      	F-117A          49th FW       
78-0679/FT              A-10A           23rd FG       
79-0138/FT              OA-10A          23rd FG       
80-0228/FT              A-10A           23rd FG       
81-0026/FF              F-15C           1st FW        
84-0008/FF              F-15C           1st FW        
158866/AJ-702           S-3B            VS-24         
85-1607                 C-31A           Golden Knights
01-26884                UH-60L          "Redskins"    
..-..../WM              B-2A            nn            
1,2,3,4,5,6             F-16C           Thunderbirds  
-,-                     F-16D           Thunderbirds  

N17HQ 			MiG-17                                             
N202DM 		        DH112 Sea Venom                                    
N747J 		        DH112 Venom                                        
N900RW 		        B-17G 		238050                             
N991GM 		        AT-6C 		Aeroshell 5                                  
N3242G 		        AT-6D 		AI-313                                       
N3267G 		        SNJ-5 		Aeroshell 1                                  
N3725G 		        SNJ-5 		AII-356                                      
N4447 		        Harvard Mk.4 	AI-111 Zero Replica                   
N5428V 		        P-51D 		44-73264 "Gunfighter"                        
N5500S 		        P-51D 		44-14320 "Geraldine"                         
N7694C 		        C-45G 		51-11467                                     
N7754 		        Harvard Mk.4 	VI-07                                 
N8044H 		        T-6G 		Aeroshell 2                                   
N9079Z 		        TB-25N 		430734 "Panchito"                           
N9097 		        Harvard Mk.4 	Zero Replica                          
N11171 		        AT-6B 		AI-115                                       
N15799 		        Harvard Mk.4 	AJ-113                                
N37143 		        Ercoupe 	41-25196                                   
N50364 		        Piper J3 Cub 	43-1439                               
N56867 		        BT-13B 		BI-211                                      
N61429 		        P-51C 		"Tuskegee Airmen"                            
N67208 		        BT-13A 		I-257                                       
c/n 1H805	        TS-11 Iskra 	805 VF-222
N16HR 			Bell 206B
N73HP 			AS350 		Ohio State Highway Patrol
N719E 			Waco ATO 	immaculate condition
N13918 			Waco ATO
N17985 			Beech 17
N32114 			Waco UPF-7

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