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Daytona Beach 1997

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Date: 8-9 November 1997

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79-0139/BC        	A-10A Thunderbolt 	172 FS Michigan ANG
80-0256/BC        	A-10A Thunderbolt       172 FS Michigan ANG
81-0975/BC        	A-10A Thunderbolt       172 FS Michigan ANG
85/0071/GA        	B-1B Lancer             128 BS Georgia ANG
84-0074              	C-21A Huron             375 AW
69-5829/FL        	HC-130N Hercules        39 RQS
86-0419/PI         	C-130H Hercules         758 AS
62-2670/OF        	OC-135B Stratolifter    55 Wing
63-8059              	KC-135D Stratotanker    117 ARS Kansas ANG
58-0075              	KC-135R Stratotranker   72 ARS
65-0266              	C-141B Starlifter       305 AMW
67-0007              	C-141B Starlifter       62 AW
87-0196/SI          	F-15E Eagle             336 FS/4 FW
88-1694/SI          	F-15E Eagle             336 FS/4 FW
85-1501/MI        	F-16C Falcon            107 FS Michigan ANG
69-5789              	MH-53J Pave Low         20 SOS
90-26234            	HH-60G Pave Hawk        301 RQS
58-1975/RA        	T-37B                   559 FTS/12 FTW
68-8204/HO        	T-38A Talon             49 FW
69-7080/VA        	T-38A Talon             25 FTS/71 TFW
163529/AG623    	EA-6B Prowler           VAQ-140
160769/LC769     	P-3C Orion              VP-8
160582/NK703    	S-3B Viking             VS-35
157030/A950       	T-2C Buckeye            CTW-1
159719/990          	T-2C Buckeye            CTW-1
160931/E931        	T-34C Mentor            TW-5
161041/E041        	T-34C Mentor            TW-5
162250/E250        	T-34C Mentor            TW-5
160494                 	T-34C Mentor            SFWSA
160501                 	T-34C Mentor            SFWSA
163625/B225        	T-45A Goshawk           TW-2
163644/B244        	T-45A Goshawk           TW-2
163658/B258        	T-45A Goshawk           TW-2
85-0079/EG           	F-15C Eagle             60 FS/33 FW
85-0133/EG           	F-15D Eagle             60 FS/33 FW
165171/AC307     	F/A-18C Hornet          VFA-37
165178/AC304      	F/A-18C Hornet          VFA-37

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