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Daytona Beach 1999

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Date: 6 November 1999

Made by:


63-7783 	EC-130E 			3850
63-7896 	C-130E 		"The Rock"	3967 
68-0225 	C-5A 				028
68-8024/RA 	T-37B 				41129 
72-21290 	OH-58A 		FL-NG		41956 
77-0112/JZ 	F-15A 		LA ANG		0397 
78-0717/MD 	A-10A 				337        
84-0103 	C-21A 		                35-549 
86-0236/FM 	F-16C 		                5C-342 
86-0341/AL 	F-16C 		                5C-447 
87-0248/SA 	F-16C 		                5C-509 
87-0371/SA 	F-16D 		                5D-65  
87-0461 	AH-64A 		                PV-480        
88-1679/SJ bl 	F-15E 		                E-063  
89-0270 	RC-12N 		                FE-16         
92-0335 	T-1A 		                TT-49         
160787/NL-514	EA-6B 		                P-74 
160946/E	T-34C 		TAW-5           GL-132

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