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Dobbins 2008

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Date: 19 October 2008

Made by:


86-0019 		C-5B 		436th AW                    
03-3117                 C-17A 		183rd AS MS ANG            
05-0730                 C-40C 		73rd AS AFRC               
61-2369                 C-130E 		Dobbins JARB Fuselage only
81-0631                 C-130H 		700th AS AFRC             
61-0312                 KC-135R 	97th AMW                 
86-0416/GA 		TE-8A 		116th ACW
75-0745 		F-16A 		Travelling Exhibit
85-1495/AC, 86-0224/AC 	F-16C 		119th FS NJ ANG
92-3914 		F-16CJ 		157th FS SC ANG
06-4129 		F-22A 		nmk
05-3764/VN 		T-6A 		71st FTW
66-4334/XL 		T-38C 		47th FTW
95-26600 		UH-60L 		1-171st AVN GA ARNG
165292/MP-03 		AH-1W 		HMLA-773
158775/MP-11            UH-1N           HMLA-773
161030/E-030            T-34C           TW-5    
162632/E-474            T-34C           TW-5    
162298/E-298            T-34C           TW-5    
161076/G-476            T-44A           VT-31   
6571 			HH-65C		New Orleans

87-0179/SJ, 89-0495/SJ 	F-15E 		4th FW  
04-4069/FF 		F-22A           1st FW  
05-4101/FF 		F-22A           "1st FW"
165801/AD222 		F/A-18F 	VFA-106

C-130Hs of the 700th AS/AFRC:
81-0627, 81-0629, 81-0630, 84-0204, 84-0205, 89-9288

The Thunderbirds with their F-16C/Ds:
87-0313/1, 87-0323/2, 87-0331/3, 87-0319/4, ..-..../5,
87-0329/6, 87-0381/7, 86-0039/8
The serials were picked up during air refuelling communication
and not actually read off. With of course numbers 7 and 8 being
the D models. One aircraft broke down and stayed at Dobbins,
being the No.5 aircraft.

Flying only:
03-0726 		UC-35B 		2-228th AVN

70-0459 		C-5A 		167th AS WV ANG
167984/QB-984 		KC-130J 	VMGR-352

Base Fire Station:
67-0172 		C-5A 		i/a
No serial c/n 300-6000 	C-141 		i/a

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