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Edwards 1993

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Date: 23 October 1993

Made by:


81-0989/SM            A-10A        337th TW
73-1114/ED            OA-37A       412th TW
82-1069               B-2A         412th TW
58-0235/ED            B-52G        412th TW
69-0010               C-5A         60th AW
88-0265/ED,88-0266/ED C-17A        412th TW
89-1191               C-17A        437th AW
83-0512/ED            C-23A        412th TW
83-1212               MC-130H      412th TW
87-0128, 89-0510      AC-130U      412th TW
91-1232               C-130H       165th ALS KY ANG
53-7793 "AFFDL"       NC-131H      Calspan Inc.
55-3128/ED            NKC-135A     412th TW
60-0374 "ASD"         EC-135E      4950th TW
61-2775, 61-2777      NC-141A      4950th TW
75-0028/ED,77-0139/ED F-15A        412th TW
76-0134/ED            F-15B        412th TW
86-0183/ED,86-0184/ED F-15E        412th TW
75-0750 "AFTI"        NF-16A       412th TW
78-0054/ED,79-0311/ED F-16A        412th TW
80-0557/ED,81-0688/ED F-16A        412th TW
78-0088/ED,80-0634/ED F-16B        412th TW
80-0635/ED,83-1172/ED F-16B        412th TW
86-0048 "VISTA"       NF-16D       412th TW/NASA
67-0050/SM            F-111A       337th TS
79-10783/ED           F-117A       412th TW
79-10784/ED           F-117A       412th TW
85-0831/ED            F-117A       412th TW
68-11041              O-2A         412th TW
68-8158/ED            T-38A        412th TW
59-2874               T-39B        4950th TW
80-1085               U-2R         99th RS
63-2781/ED            U-6A         412th TW
61-0776/ED            UH-1H        412th TW
69-6619               UH-1N        412th TW
70-162295, 70-16296   UH-1H        USAAEFA
67-15823              AH-1S        USAAEFA
84-24159              CH-47D       USAAEFA
89-0112               OH-58D       USAAEFA
88-26015              JUH-60A      USAAEFA
84-24256              AH-64A       USAAEFA
161800                T-34C        US Army
66-18008              JU-21A       USAICS
82-0003               X-29A        NASA Dryden
164584                X-31A        NASA Dryden
N715NA                C-8A         NASA Ames
N832NA                SR-71A       NASA Dryden
N846NA                F/A-18B      NASA Dryden
N911NA                B747SR-46    NASA Johnson

67-14583/ED           A-7D         ex 412th TW
71-0344/ED            YA-7F        ex 6510th TW
73-1664               YA-10B       ex 6510th TW
56-0585               B-52G        preserved outside
63-7407/ED            NF-4C        ex 412th TW
64-1004/ED            NRF-4C       ex 412th TW
51-9350/FS-350        F-84F        ex 6510th TW
63-9778               F-111A       ex NASA/AFTI
61-0146/HI            F-105D       ex 466th TFS
59-5962               C-140A       ex 1886th FCS
N809NA                B-57B        ex NASA

Flying only:
82-1067, 82-1068      B-2A         412th TW
And the Thunderbirds were also performing.

9906                  F-16C        Egypt AF
82-1067, 82-1068      B-2A         412th TW
83-0080               KC-10A       22nd OG
83-0513, 84-0458      C-23A        412th TW "TPS"
54-0683               C-123K       preserved ?
91-1231               C-130H       165th ALS KY ANG
60-0377               C-135A       412th TW
76-0132/ED,76-0134/ED F-15A        412th TW
89-2018/OT,90-0844/OT F-16C        85th TS
91-0367/OT,91-0378/OT F-16C        85th TS
87-0800, 87-0801      YF-23A       stored
79-10782              YF-117A      412th TW
87-0025/ED            YC-17A       412th TW
69-6653/ED            UH-1N        412th TW
65-10338/XL           T-38A        47th FTW
84-0492               T-46A        ex 412th TW
69-15532, 70-16331    UH-1H        USAAEFA
72-21380              OH-58A       USAAEFA
69-16423              AH-1F        USAAEFA
160959, 161844        T-34C        USAAEFA
157014                A-6E         NAWC

F-16As of 412th TW with tailcode "ED":
75-0751, 78-0007, 78-0080, 78-0096, 78-0098, 78-0099
and F-16B 78-0085, 78-0088, 78-0090, 78-0100, 80-0635
81-0813, 83-1118 and F-16C 83-1176, 86-0359 and
F-16D 87-0392
T-38As of 412th TW with tailcode "ED":  61-0825
63-8135, 65-10375, 65-10402, 67-14856, 67-14943
67-14943, 68-8153, 68-8154, 68-8205 en 70-1579
T-39Bs of 412th TW:
59-2873, 60-3476, 60-3477 and NT-39A 59-2870 and
CT-39A 62-4463

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