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Edwards 1995

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Date: 22 October 1995

Made by:


67-14583/ED       YA-7           (museum a/c) 
71-0344/ED        YA-7           (museum a/c) 
81-0989/SM        A-10           AFLC 
73-1090/ED        NA-37          (museum a/c) 
85-0087/EL        B-1 
86-0107/DY        B-1 
82-1068           B-2 
82-1070           B-2 
60-0053/LA        B-52 
86-0038           KC-10 
87-0025/ED        YC-17 
81-10895          EC-18 
61-0329           EC-135 
61-0330           EC-135 
83-0513/ED        C-23 
84-0458/ED        C-23 
64-0680/LK        C-130 
65-0979           NC-130 
55-3135           NKC-135 
61-2779           NC-141 
66-7957           C-141 
63-4707/ED        NF-4           (museum a/c) 
74-0141/ED        F-15 
76-0132/ED        F-15 
76-0134/ED        F-15 
87-0180/ED        F-15 
91-0600/ED        F-15 
75-0570/ED        NF-16 
78-0080/ED        F-16 
78-0088/ED        F-16 
78-0100/ED        F-16 
81-0172/ED        F-16 
83-0119/ED        F-16 
80-0635/ED        F-16 
90-0835/ED        F-16 
ET-204            F-16           RDAF (MLU a/c) 
74-0186/CC        F-111 
79-10783/ED       F-117 
79-10784/ED       F-117 
85-0831/ED        F-117 
60-0104/RA        T-37 
61-0904/ED        AT-38 
62-03715/ED       T-38 
62-03746/ED       T-38 
63-8135/ED        T-38 
64-13302/ED       T-38 
65-1035/ED        T-38 
68-8205/ED        T-38 
68-8154/ED        T-38 
70-1574/ED        T-38 
59-2870           NT-39 
60-3478           T-39 
80-1085           U-2 
849/N849NA        F-16XL         NASA 
840/N840NA        FA-18          NASA 
851/N851NA        FA-18          NASA 
164585            X-31           NASA 
84-24159          CH-47          US Army 
89-0112           OH-58          US Army 
88-26015          MH-60          US Army 
84-24256          AH-64          US Army 
72-21574          UH-1           US Army 
1721              EC-130         US Coast Guard 
162234/E264       T-34           USN 
52-7630           T-34           Private 
53-4155           T-34           Private 
WG431/N431WG      Chipmunk       Private 
619/NX619M        MiG 15         Private 

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