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Date: 19 October 1996

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Updated: 14 June 2005

67-14583/ED       YA-7         	(museum a/c)
80-0173/DM        A-10
80-0246/DM        A-10
82-0648/DM        A-10
73-1090/ED        NA-37        	(museum a/c)
85-0074/DY        B-1
82-0170           B-2
60-0020/LA        B-52
60-0050/LA        B-52
85-0010           C-5
83-0079           KC-10
85-0028           KC-10
87-0025/ED        YC-17
81-0891           EC-18      	(in closed hangar)
81-0892           EC-18
81-0894           EC-18
83-0512/ED        C-23
83-0513/ED        C-23
84-0458/ED        C-23
65-0979           NC-130
87-0157           NC-130
55-3132           NKC-135
55-3135           NKC-135
60-0374           EC-135
61-0320           KC-135
61-0326           EC-135
61-0330           EC-135
61-2669           C-135       	(in closed hangar)
66-0166           C-141
61-2775           NC-141
61-2776           NC-141
63-7407/ED        NF-4
741568/47         F-5       	Northrop (in closed hangar)
76-0116/ED        F-15
76-0132/ED        F-15
76-0140/ED        F-15
77-0139/ED        F-15
84-0046/ED        F-15
87-0180/ED        F-15
78-0080/ED        F-16       	(in F-16 hangar)
78-0081/ED        F-16       	(in F-16 hangar)
78-0085/ED        F-16
78-0088/ED        F-16
78-0089/ED        F-16
78-0096/ED        F-16
78-0098/ED        F-16
78-0100/ED        F-16       	(in F-16 hangar)
80-0557/ED        F-16       	(in F-16 hangar)
80-0633/ED        F-16
80-0634/ED        F-16       	(in F-16 hangar)
80-0635/ED        F-16
81-0817/ED        F-16
83-1118/ED        F-16       	(in F-16 hangar)
83-1119/ED        F-16
83-1172/ED        F-16
86-0359/ED        F-16
88-0445/ED        F-16       	(in F-16 hangar)
88-0456/ED        F-16       	(in F-16 hangar)
90-0835/ED        F-16       	(in F-16 hangar)
93-0702           F-16    	Taiwanese AF (in F-16 hangar)
79-10783/ED       F-117
79-10784/ED       F-117
85-0831/ED        F-117
87-0800           YF-23
64-17971/BB       SR-71
94-0121/VN        T-1
61-0904/ED        AT-38
62-3746/ED        AT-38
63-8135/ED        T-38
64-13297/BB       T-38
65-10325/ED       T-38
66-4332/BB        T-38
68-8153/ED        T-38
68-8154/ED        T-38
68-8205/ED        T-38
70-1574/ED        T-38
59-2870           NT-39
60-3478           NT-39        	(in closed hangar)
68-10336          U-2
87-24591          UH-60        	US Army
164585            X-31         	NASA
163490/106        FA-18        	USN
158770/018        UH-1         	USN
7/N7NA            Beech 200    	NASA
905/N905NA        Boeing 747   	NASA
810/N810NA        Cv.990       	NASA
835               YF-15        	NASA
836               F-15         	NASA
848               F-16XL       	NASA
840               FA-18        	NASA
842               FA-18        	NASA (in closed hangar)
843               FA-18        	NASA
846               FA-18        	NASA
847               FA-18        	NASA
850               FA-18        	NASA
852               FA-18        	NASA
853               FA-18        	NASA
831/N831NA        SR-71A       	NASA
619/N619NA        T-34         	NASA

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