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Eglin 2004

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Date: 3/4 April 2004

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81-0989/ET		A-10A		40th FLTS       
85-0072/DY	        B-1B	        9th BS          
60-0005/MT	        B-52H	        23rd BS 	"5BW"   
87-0031		        C-5B	        436th AW        
84-0139	                C-21A	        332nd AF        
69-5823	                MC-130P	        9th SOS         
89-0514	                AC-130U	        4th SOS         
59-1488	                KC-135R	        22nd ARW        
76-1607/OK	        E-3B	        964th ACCS      
69-7234/TD/AF-212	QF-4G	        82nd ATRS       
85-0102/EG		F-15C	        33rd FW 	"33FW"  
86-0189/OT	        F-15E	        422nd TES       
97-0108/OT	        F-16CJ	        85th TES        
67-14995	        MH-53M	        20th SOS        
92-26462	        HH-60G	        41st RQS	
95-0054/CB	        T-1A	        14th FTW        
00-3589/RA		T-6A	        12th FTW 	"12FTW"
57-2258/CB	        T-37B	        14th FTW        
64-13442/CB	        T-37B	        14th FTW        
68-8210/MY	        T-38C	        49th FTS 	"49FTS"
00-5203/41	        AH-64D	        ATTC            
164945/EA-04	        F/A-18D	        VMFA(AW)-332    
164967/EA-12	        F/A-18D	        VMFA(AW)-332    
165971/F-971	        T-6A	        TW-6	        
165464/A-121	        T-45C	        TW-1            
165628/A-186	        T-45C	        TW-1            
165848		        MV-22B	        Navair          
N40SD		        O-1E	        '22548'         
N45NL		        F4U-5	        '124692/NP'     
N3184M		        PT-19	        '42-65491'      
N40386		        C-47TD	        ex 43-48859     
N50670		        An-2	        nn              

80-0194/FT		OA-10A		74th FTS	"23FG"
80-0223/FT	        A-10A	        75th FTS	"23FG"
93-0602		        C-17A	        37th AW		03apr         
64-0523		        MC-130E	        nn                    
1x			C-130		nn
67-0012		        C-141B	        305th AMW             
76-0101/ET	        F-15A	        40th FLTS             
78-0468/ET	        F-15C	        40th FLTS             
86-0188/ET	        F-15E	        40th FLTS             
83-1123		        F-16C	        nb                    
90-0799/OT	        F-16DG	        85th TES              
90-0949/ET, 90-0950/ET	F-16B	        40th FLTS             
90-0951/ET		F-16B	        40th FLTS             
97-0106/OT		F-16CJ	        85th TES   
"46OG"			F-16A/C		nb
"46TW"			F-16B/D		nb
1x			F-16		nb
69-15271		UH-1V	        Flatiron              
01-3628/MY, 01-3629/MY	T-6A	        3rd FTS               
"5547"			T-33A	        Thunderbird mks       
And the F-16s of the Thunderbirds.

Static Hangar (closed):
75-0080/ET		F-15B		instr		"40FTS"
80-0053/OT		F-15C	        422nd TES      
82-0015/ET, 82-0025/ET	F-15C	        40th FLTS      

Static Hangar (closed):
79-0177/ET		A-10A		40th FLTS
86-0185/ET, 87-0180/ET	F-15E	        40th FLTS
87-0353/ET, 88-0441/ET	F-16CG	        40th FLTS
69-6617/ET, 69-6626/ET	UH-1N	        40th FLTS

Hangars (parking area):
78-0097/ET		F-16B		instr		"40FTS"
90-0841/OT, 90-0847/OT	F-16DJ		85th TES	

83-0081			KC-10A		305th AMW          
86-0029			KC-10A	        60th AMW           
64-0715/EG		F-4C	        stored             
75-0033/EG		F-15A	        pres		at gate    
79-0053/EG		F-15C	        58th FS		04apr      
85-0832/HO		F-117A	        8thFS		flying only

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