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Eglin 2010

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Date: 10 April 2010

Made by:


1x  		Mi-24D  	ex Bulgarian AF
81-0949/DM  	A-10C  		355th FW
86-0119/DY  	B-1B  		20th BS
60-0060/MT  	B-52H  		23rd BS
84-0107  	C-21A   	AMC
64-0566  	MC-130E  	nn
69-5822  	MC-130P  	nn
90-0165   	AC-130U  	nn
73-1167/TD  	QF-4E  		"53 WEG"
79-0059/ET  	F-15C  		40th FTS
82-0025/ET  	F-15C  		"40 FTS"
86-0184/ET  	F-15E  		"46TW"
86-0185/ET  	F-15E  		"46TW"
78-0102/ET  	F-16A  		65th TES
88-0170/ET  	F-16DG  	40th FTS 
91-0396/ET 	F-16C 		"46TW"
69-6626/ET 	UH-1N 		40th FTS
69-6642 	UH-1N 		6th SOS
06-3839/CB 	T-6A 		14th FTW
99-0021/ET 	CV-22 		40th FTS
160434/NK- 	EA-6B 		VAQ-139
161245/NK-500 	EA-6B 		VAQ-139
160054 		T-39G 		VT-86
N904NA 		T-38A 		NASA
N173RU 		Mi-8MTV-1 	8th SOS
N9249SQ 	C-7A 		ex USAF 62-4149
N19FM 		CM170 		marked MT31
N36TB 		T-2C 		ex 152473
N64708 		N2S-3 		ex 4263
NX230CF 	CT-133 		ex CAF 21024
60-3573 	UH-1B 		UNS mrks 8433
148187/AF606 	T-28V 		VAW-77 mks
N7061C 		SNJ-4 		ex USN
N65164 		EA-1E 		ex 35152
22548, 24555 	O-1E 		nn
This was the only info on the aircraft, a lot of info was not noted.
So if you have more info or corrections, please let us know.

84-0046/ET 	F-15D 		40th FTS

Large hangar end of static park:
80-0177/ET 	A10C 		46th TW
90-0252/MO 	F-15E 		366th FW
also present in hangar another F-15, F-16 and UH-1 along with
one Thunderbirds F-16.

Hangar area just outside the static park.
66-0225/FT 	MC-130P 	9th SOS
69-5820 	MC-130P 	9th SOS

1x/MO 		F-15 		Behind C-17A
99-0062 	C-17A 		58th AS
02-4040/TY +1 	F-22A 		"325FW"
162861/AD-344 	F/A-18A 	VFA-106
--/AD-345 	F/A-18A 	VFA-106
‘242187’ 	C-47A 		private
NX15S 		Sea Fury FB11 	ex RAF WJ288
N9964Z 		F4U-1D 		ex USN 92468
Plus the Thunderbirds with their F-16s.

Gate Guard:
75-0033/EG 	F-15A 		preserved

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