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Ellington 2007

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Date: 7/8 October 2007

Made by:


142803 			CT-142 		402sq
79-0123/KC, 80-0201/KC 	A-10A 		303rd FS
97-5303 		WC-130J 	53rd WRS
62-3543 		KC-135R 	756th ARS
66-0280 "60-308/EF" 	F-4D 		pres
84-1393/EF/N5-A 	F-16C 		111th FS spec c/s
90-0835/ED 		F-16D 		416th FLTS
85-0831/ED 		F-117A 		410th FLTS
90-00288 		AH-64A 		(7/6th CAV)
90-00459 		AH-64A 		1/149th AVN
91-0099/RA 		T-1A 		99th FTS
65-10419/WM 		T-38A 		394th CTS
....../202 		F-8 		nose only
900946/55 		F-16A 		NSAWC
162840/30 		F/A-18A 	NSAWC
163658/B-258 		T-45A 		TW-2
167086/B-308 		T-45C 		TW-2
6507 			HH-65C 		CGAS Houston
N850NA/161703 		F/A-18A 	NASA
N909NA 			T-38N 		NASA
N932NA 			DC-9-33F 	NASA
N941NA 			B337SGT 	NASA
N21EV 			MiG-21UM 	ex Czech 1071
N167NM 			BAC 167 	ex 327
N402AG 			CL-41G
N911KK 			UH-1E 		ex 153762
N9307 			MiG-21MF 	ex Czech 9307
NX17630 		P-38F 		ex 41-7630
N31957 			S-2A 		ex 133242
N82601 			L-29R 		(c/n 792661)

Static / flightlines:
NL5HP 			FM-2 		(ex 86777)
NX43RW/"121881/RW-21" 	F4U-5N 		(ex 121823)
NX60DJ/AI-101 		Harvard 4 	(ex 20473)
N103YK 			Yak-52 		c/n 811506
N240P 			A-26B 		ex 44-37140/R
N333RW/"02344" 		B-25N 		(ex 44-86734)
N334JP 			T-34B 		ex (144003)/JP-17
N334RL/"533093/88" 	T-34A 		(ex 52-7631)
NX393WA 		L-39C 		c/n 533623
N375VU 			AT-7 		ex 51242
N450TG 			PT-13D 		(ex 42-109632)
N514AC 			C-47B 		(ex 43-49297)
N550YK 			Yak-50 		c/n 812107
N663DB 			T-34A 		ex 53-4119/63
N900RW/"238050/BH-U/2-C" B-17G		(ex 44-85718)
N915WP 			Chipmunk T10 	ex WP915
NX959RT 		Spitfire LF.IXc ex MK959/5A-X
N991VR 			SNJ-5 		ex 90991/91
N2047/301 		Harvard 4 	(ex 20292)
N2278 			CJ-6A 		as 2278
N244GR 			AT-6F 		ex 44-81920/TA-920
N3048 c/n 33701470 	Ce337G 		as 3048/RhoAF
N3242G/AI-313 		SNJ-5 		(ex 43766)
N3646G 			Harvard 2 	(ex AJ688)
N3725G/AII-356 		SNJ-5 		(ex 84875)
N4447/AI-111 		Harvard 4 	(ex 20450)
NX4747P/"433240/IA-N" 	P-47D 		(ex 44-90368)
N4998V 			F6F-5N 		ex 94204/32
N5073P/"1071" 		L-19A 		(ex 50-1397) c/n 21071
N5138B 			OY-2 		ex 04013/EA-7
N5428V 			P-51D 		ex (44-73264)/CY-U
N6438D/EII-301 		SNJ-5 		(ex 90654)
N7130C/AI-311 		SNJ-5 		(ex 90712)
N7754/VI-07 		Harvard 4 	(ex 20424)
NX9097/AI-112 		Harvard 4 	(ex 20367)
N9272C/"93555/LTA-555" 	AT-6C 		(ex 7303)
N9790Z/"41-1110" 	Harvard 2B 	(ex 3048)
N11171/AI-115 		AT-6A 		(ex 41-17422)
N15797/AI-114 		Harvard 4 	(ex 20408)
NX15799/AI-113 		Harvard 4 	(ex 20326)
N22490 			UH-1V		ex 74-22490/101
N25270 			UC-90 		ex 42-79550
N28955 			SNJ-5 		(ex 49-3245)
N44007 			T-34A 		(ex 53-3365)/126
N49204 			L-4B 		ex 43-1562/83
N51173 			PT-19 		as "39"
N56478/78 		BT-13A 		as Val
N67208/AI-257 		BT-13A 		as Val
N75004 			BT-15 		as "75"
N86417/"86417" 		Ce337D 		69-1181 on db c/n 1181
N86435 			Ce337D 		69-1185 on db c/n 1185
NX91945 		A-1D 		ex 126882/TT
N92879 			SB2C-5 		ex 83589/32
- 			B-24 		as "27"
This area was open to the public during most of the day. It was
closed when the aircraft started flying which was between
11:00 and 14:00. The EF F-16 had a special light blue colour
scheme with the old WWII code N5-A.

Flightlines West side:
72-0162/HD, 74-1626/HD 	QF-4E 		82nd ATRS
89-0483/SJ 		F-15E 		335th FS
89-0485/SJ 		F-15E 		333rd FS
83-1147/EF 		F-16C 		111th FS "147FW"
84-1274/EF 		F-16C 		111th FS "111FS"
85-1413/EF 		F-16C 		111th FS "147MXG"
85-1415/EF 		F-16C 		111th FS "147OG"
86-0042/NY 		F-16D 		138th FS
6x 			F-16 		111th FS sun sheds
90-00462 		AH-64A 		1/149th AVN
00-3582/CB 		T-6A 		14th FTW
166623/AD-270 		F/A-18F 	VFA-106
166659/AD-232 		F/A-18F 	VFA-106
161806/E-806 		T-34C 		TW-5
162250/E-250 		T-34C 		TW-5
6512, 6593 		HH-65C 		CGAS Houston

Hangar West side:
6530 			HH-65C 		CGAS Houston

Flightlines East side:
N907NA 			T-38N 		NASA
7x 			T-38N 		NASA
N772AR 			UH-1H 		stored , ex 66-16301
N773AR 			UH-1H 		stored, ex 65-9637
N775AR 			UH-1H 		stored, ex 65-10067
N4306J 			UH-1H 		stored, ex 65-9762
1x 			UH-1H 		stored
The annual Wings over Houston was held for the 23rd time.
For an entrance fee of 20 dollars you got a mix of old and new
aircraft. The Canadian Snowbirds were also present but not
logged. Very heavy rain on Friday flooded some parts of the
static area. The humidity was at a record high and the
combination with high temperatures meant that a lot of
sweating could not be avoided. It was the last year that the
111th FS could be seen with their F-16s. Next year they will be
replaced by UAVs. The four commander F-16s did formation
flying and low passes with the New York aircraft acting as
photo mount.

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