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Ellington 2011

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Wings Over Houston
Date: 14 October 2011
79-0107/KC, 79-0164/KC A-10C 303rd FS AFRC
60-0003/BD B-52H 93rd BS AFRC
97-5305 WC-130J 53rd WRS AFRC
62-4133/OF TC-135S 45th RS  
90-0401/RA T-1A 99th FTS  
81-0039/JZ F-15C 122nd FS LA ANG
89-2076/OK F-16CM 125th FS OK ANG
64-13206/WM T-38A 394th CTS  
92-00517 AH-64A 1-149th Avn TX ARNG
152562/YT-00 CH-46E HMMT-164  
154036/YT-01 CH-46E HMMT-164  
162866/X-01 F/A-18A VFA-204  
163656/2-TW-200 T-45C TW-2  
167100/B-322 T-45C TW-2  
ZK017, ZK200 Hawk T.2 RAF/BAE  
N941NA Super Guppy NASA  
N920NA T-38N NASA  
N932UA DC-9-33F NASA  
N4247U, N8521L AT-802 ATI  
6538 MH-65C Houston  
71-0295 A-7D pres as 132nd FTW  
74-1627/HD QF-4E 82nd ATRS  
89-2028/OK, 89-2070/OK F-16CJ 125th FS OK ANG
94-0042/SW F-16CJ 77th FS  
90-00472 AH-64A nmk  
90-00448, 90-00451 AH-64A 1-149 Avn TX ARNG
166954/NJ-212 F/A-18E VFA-122  
6533, 6561 MH-65C Houston  
N908NA T-38N NASA  
Canadian Snowbirds with CT-114s:
114089/1, 114145/2, 114146/3, 114131/4,
114161/5, 114104/6, 114085/7, 114109/8,
114050/9, 114009/10, 114141/11
89-2028 is not 100% sure, but it was the only aircraft according our database which could fill the gap.

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