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Elmendorf 2012

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Elmendorf Arctic Thunder 2012
Date: 27-28 July 2012
188751 CF-188 409sq  
78-0634/ID, 78-0629/ID A-10C 190th FS ID ANG
60-0042/BD B-52H 93rd BS AFRC
98-0051/AK C-17A 517th AS  
84-0135 C-21A 375th AW  
10-4195/AK F-22A 525th FS  
84-0148 C-12U-3 517th AS  
80-0137/AK E-3C 962nd AACS  
82-0057 C-130H 144th AS AK ANG
83-0034/ZZ F-15C 44th FS  
86-0301/AK (01) F-16C 18th AGRS  
86-0314/AK (14) F-16C 18th AGRS  
06-4110/AK F-22A 525th FS  
09-4190/AK F-22A 90th FS  
90-07011 C-23B 207th AVN AK ARNG
08-08775 CH-47F 1-52nd AVN  
96-00038 OH-58D(R) 6-17th CAV  
86-24516 UH-60A 1-52nd AVN  
6599 MH-65D CGAS Kodiak  
N525FE MD-11F FedEx  
N816FX ATR 72-212 FedEx (opb Empire Airlines)  
N746FX Ce208(F) FedEx (opb Empire Airlines)  
Flying Display:
60-0045/BD B-52H 93rd BS AFRC
84-0147 C-12U-3 517th AS  
93-0599/AK C-17A 517th AS  
82-0054, 82-0060 C-130H 144th AS AK ANG
77-0355/AK E-3B 962nd AACS  
06-4113/AK F-22A 525th FS “3 OG”
05-4090/AK, 07-4145/AK F-22A 90th FS  
07-4146/AK, 07-4150/AK F-22A 90th FS  
90-07015 C-23C 207th AVN AK ARNG
10-08082 CH-47F 1-52nd AVN  
90-00366 OH-58D(I) 6-17th CAV  
97-00126 OH-58D(R) 6-17th CAV  
90-26299, 91-26318 UH-60L 1-207th AVN AK ARNG
94-26559, 93-26504 UH-60L 1-207th AVN AK ARNG
N88972 B-25D ex RCAF KL161  
NX553TT A6M3 Zero    
N421QB Harvard IV ex RCAf 20421  
N299CM AT-6D ex Spain C.6-182  
Plus the usually seven unknown F-16Cs from the Thunderbirds, and the units from the Blackhawks still need confirmation.
69-0022 C-5A 167th AS WV ANG
08-4153/FF, 09-4189/FF F-22A 1st FW 27
08-4167/FF, 08-4163/FF F-22A 1st FW 27
08-4170/FF, 08-4161/FF F-22A 1st FW 27
09-4176/FF, 09-4182/FF F-22A 1st FW 27
09-4174/FF, 08-4155/FF F-22A 1st FW 28
All F-22A’s were enroute to Kadena AB in Japan for TDY, they were all carrying two external fuel tanks for the trip. Although not really part of the airshow, one might have seen them if he was at Elmendorf from Friday.


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