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Fallon 2009

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Date: 9 September 2009

Made by:


64-13210/XL 		T-38C 		87th FTS
162165/40 		C-2A 		VRC-40
164108/601 		E-2C+ 		NSAWC 		c/n A52-140
741547/AF-01 		F-5E 		VFC-13
920458/04 		F-16B 		NSAWC,‘USNFWS Top Gun’
165403/NE-407 		F/A-18C 	VFA-34           
164696/NE-300           F/A-18C         VFA-151 spec. c/s
164719/NE-305           F/A-18C         VFA-151          
165907/NE-210           F/A-18E         VFA-137          
165796/11 		F/A-18F         NSAWC            
165921/NE-105 		F/A-18F         VFA-2            
165923/NE-107           F/A-18F         VFA-2            
166638/AJ-212           F/A-18F         VFA-213          
158272/7H-02 		UH-1N 		NAS Fallon
164099/7H-00 		SH-60F 		NAS Fallon 	c/n 70-1579
167826/70 		MH-60S 		NSAWC 		c/n 70-3092
160053/F-18 		T-39G 		VT-86
164877/WS-211 		F/A-18C 	VMFA-211    
164950/AB-411 		F/A-18C         VMFA-251    
164723/WK-02 		F/A-18D         VMFA(AW)-224
164884/WK-06 		F/A-18D         VMFA(AW)-224
N120AU 			Alpha Jet A 	ex 41+20     
N338RC                  OV-10B 		ex 99+25 ‘158301’
N405AX                  Kfir C2 	ex 928 		c/n 145      
N406AX                  Kfir C2 	ex 825 		c/n 106      
NX700F/D3 		F7F-3 		ex 80390
NX747NF 		F8F-2 		ex 121614

80-0279/DM 		A-10C 		357th FS ‘355 FW’
N933GC 			CT-133 		ex 21306
NL7715C/G4-U 		P-51D 		ex 44-84961
NX17630 		P-38F 		ex 41-7630

Flightline Blue Angels:
161959/4, 161967/1 	F/A-18A 	Blue Angels
162411/5, 163093/6      F/A-18A         Blue Angels
163106/2, 163130/3      F/A-18A         Blue Angels

Flightline NSAWC:
78-0712/DM 		A-10C 		357th FS ‘355 FW’
79-0476 		C-130H 		192nd AS NV NG
164763 			C-130T 		Blue Angels
761534/AF-15 		F-5N 		VFC-13        
761535/AF-14            F-5N            VFC-13        
761536/AF-16            F-5N            VFC-13        
761537/AF-11            F-5N            VFC-13        
761544/AF-05            F-5N            VFC-13        
761562/AF-00            F-5N            VFC-13        
761564/AF-10            F-5N            VFC-13        
761568/AF-12            F-5N            VFC-13, hangar
761578/AF-03            F-5N            VFC-13, hangar
900942/50, 920408/52 	F-16A 		NSAWC  
900944/53, 900945/54    F-16A           NSAWC
900946/55, 920404/57    F-16A           NSAWC
920409/60, 920410/61    F-16A           NSAWC
920459/05, 920461/07    F-16B           NSAWC
161937/47, 162837/37    F/A-18A 	NSAWC  
162840/30 		F/A-18A         NSAWC  
162836/01               F/A-18B         NSAWC  
163431/40, 163494/21 	F/A-18C         NSAWC  
163708/25, 163746/33 	F/A-18C         NSAWC  
164059/36 		F/A-18C         NSAWC  
164663/AF-00 		F/A-18C         VFC-12 
165795/13, 165797/16 	F/A-18F         NSAWC  
165801/14 		F/A-18F         NSAWC  
165798/NJ-113 		F/A-18F         VFA-122
164456/7H-10 		SH-60F 		NAS Fallon
166370/75 		MH-60S 		NSAWC

Flying only:
06-6163 		C-17A 		60th AMW
04-4066/FF 		F-22A 		94th FS
The first show at NAS Fallon since many years. The static and
air show were good, but could have been great with a little
extra effort from the organisers. A formation of six F-5Ns only
performed a single fly-by, an Air Power demo was performed by
a single F-16 and F-18 (with Canadian pilot) and the majority
of the performing aircraft took the short turn to the large ramp
and did not pass the static ramp. But enough complained, the
weather was great and backdrop and attending aircraft were

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