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Frederick 2001

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Date: 19 August 2001

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Updated: 1 August 2002

79-0087/MD		A-10A		104th FS MD ANG
80-0228/FT, 82-0660/FT	A-10A		74th FS "23FG"
84-0135			C-21A		332nd AF
94-6706, 95-6711	C-130H		167th AS WV ANG
98-1357			C-130J		135th AS MD ANG
69-15592		UH-1H		12th AVN/MDW
2x			AH-64		nn
165404/NJ-301		F/A-18C		VFA-125
164865/NJ-302		F/A-18C		VFA-125
N29SV			L-29R		ex 2828
NX86FR "31201/FU-201"	F-86F		ex 52-4959
N112PB			Lockheed 12A	nn
N131CW			C-131D		ex 54-2809
N352JU			CASA352L	ex T.2B-176
N500EJ			C-54E		Berlin Airlift HF
N959AD			AD-4N		ex 126959, ex Chad
NX3467N			L-39C		432929
N6840D			A-26C		ex 44-35911
N22968			C-123K		ex 54-0664
"297400/K"		B-17G		nn
"327638/9D"		B-25J		nn
"430739"		B-25J		nn

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