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Grand Junction 2000

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Date: 9/10 September 2000

Made by: MAR, Kevin Hall


88-0422/HL  	F-16C 		388thFW
88-0476/HL 	F-16C 		388thFW
59-0263/CB 	T-37B 		14thFTW
67-22244/VN 	T-37B 		71stFTW
88-1868 	C-23B 		H/171stAVN Det3 /KY ArNG
91-0513 	C-26B 		OSACOM Det 24/SC ArNG
68-17101 	AH-1F  		nn
91-0242 	CH-47D 		(Det1 F/106thAVN/IA ArNG)
80-23489 	UH-60A 		1-147th/WI ArNG
161116/NJ-567  	EA-6B 		VAQ-129
159907/NJ-572 	EA-6B 		VAQ-129
840456/AF-30 	F5F 		VFC-13
158620/AD-122 	F-14A 		VF-101
161612/255 	F-14A 		VF-101
162896/54 	F/A18A 		NSAWC
165543/NJ-104 	F/A-18F 	VFA-122
162336/TY-65 	SH-60B 		HSL-47
164092/70 	SH-60F 		NSAWC
N902NA 		T-38A 		NASA/Johnson

1x		F-14A		nn
1x		F-16C		nn

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