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Grissom 1996

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Date: 8 July 1996

Made by:


N8AF     	Sabre 40      282-24                           
158333/A-941    T2B                                       
65-0967         WC-130H       AFRES                            
62-3518         KC-135R       Grissom                          
84-0192         KC-10A        McGuire                          
66-0165         C-141B        McConnell                        
87-0029         C-5B          Dover                            
6565            HH-65A        Coast Guard                      
75-0558/OK      E-3C
67-14920/WM     T-38A
165306/CG-09    AV-8B
84-0310/FW      F-16C
75-0024         F-15A         125TFS Fl ANG                    
79-0117/KC      A-10A
70-1564/LB      T-38A
164068/NJ-345   F/A-18        VFA125  USS Constellation
162694/AA-211   F-14A         VF103   USS Enterprise   
N95CQ           Sf340         US Air Express                   
90-0302         AH-64A                                         
133610          CT-133        CAF                              
69-0997         O-2A          N2697S                           
69-15699        UH-1H         IN NG                            
79-23304        UH-60A                                         
G-ACSS          DH-84                                          
WB750           DHC-1         N545PU                           
86-0821/HO      F-117A
44-23314        P-38          NX38BP                           
N7265C          PV-2                                           
44-85778        B-17H         N3509G                           

Flight line:
62-3521  	KC-135R       Grissom      
82- 016/FF      F-15C
82- 017/FF      F-15C
165006/CG-..    AV-8B
67-14921/VN     T-38A
70-1565/VN      T-38A
85- 565         F-16C         Iowa         
85- 570         F-16C         Iowa         

Flying only:
82-1068  	B-2A

Far Side:
58-0036  	KC-135R	      Grissom
58-0102         KC-135R	      Grissom
59-1472         KC-135R	      Grissom
60-0332         KC-135R	      Grissom
62-3510         KC-135R	      Grissom
62-3530         KC-135R	      Grissom
62-3543         KC-135R	      Grissom
63-7996         KC-135R	      Grissom
63-8041         KC-135R	      Grissom

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