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Grissom 1997

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Date: 8 June 1997

Made by:


114128                CT-114       CAF
133577                CT-133       CAF
79-0092/KC,79-0117/KC A-10A        303rd FS AFRC
85-0003               C-5B         436th AW
90-0528               C-26A        163rd FS IN ANG
66-0149               C-141B       62nd AW
84-1377/FW            F-16C        163rd FS IN ANG
85-1432, 85-1561      F-16C        174th FS IA ANG
88-0843/HO            F-117A       49th FW
69-15166              UH-1H        nn (IN ArNG)
164200/AC-400         F/A-18C      VFA-105
164239/AC-403         F/A-18C      VFA-105

Based KC-135Rs (of 72nd ARS and l74th ARS of 434th ARW):
57-1472, 58-0102, 61-0272, 62-3521, 60-0322, 60-0363
60-0364, 61-0307, 62-3543, 63-7996, 63-8032, 63-8041
and 64-14834

And the Thunderbirds with the F-16s coded: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 and 8

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