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Hanscom 1997

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Date: 21 June 1997

Made by:


133610                CT-133       CAF
78-0632/MA,78-0647/MA A-10A        131st FS MA ANG
68-0215               C-5A         337th AS AFRC
83-0082               KC-10A       305th AMW
84-0126               C-21A        332nd AF
63-7828               EC-130E      193rd SOS PA ANG
73-1590/DM            C-130H       43rd ECS
81-0630/DB            C-130H       700th AS AFRC
60-0372               C-135E       412th TW
63-7992               KC-135R      166th ARS OH ANG
64-0638               C-141B       305th AMW
65-9403               C-141B       60th AMW
75-0558/OK            E-3B         552nd ACW
90-0175/-             E-8C         93rd ACW
81-0045/TY            F-15C        95th FS
80-0056/TY            F-15D        95th FS
84-1287               F-16C        134th FS VT ANG
88-0409/NY            F-16C        138th FS NY ANG
87-0287/OH            F-16C        178th FG OH ANG
88-0843/HO            F-117A       49th FW
91-0096/RA            T-1A         99th FTS
95-0055/CB            T-1A         48th FTS
67-14767/CB           T-37B        37th FTS
61-0851               AT-38B       l/n RA/560th FTS
64-13269/CB           AT-38B       49th FTS
73-1154               CT-43A       200th AS CO ANG
73-1156/RA            CT-43A       562nd FTS
70-16250              UH-1H     East Coast Aero Tech
72-21550              UH-1V        US Army
93-26480              UH-60L       US Army
144838                RA-3B        nn (Raytheon)
163522/AG-622         EA-6B        VAQ-140
163697/AG-604         E-2C         VAW-121
159864/NH-100         F-14A        VF-213
162607/AC-101         F-14A        VF-32
163471/AA-211         F/A-18C      VFA-34
163444/AA-212         F/A-18C      VFA-34
161404/LY-404         P-3C         VP-92
160158/NH-700         S-3B         VS-29
N302NT/F-02           T-39N        VT-86
NC41HQ                C-41
N39MQ                 L-39C
N108ZZ                Nord 1002
N87AN                 An-2
N52033,N52900,N58224  Texan
N60734,N62382,N65370  Texan
Also attending the show were the Thunderbirds with the 
codes 1-7 (F-16C) and 8 (F-16D)

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