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Hill 1999

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Date: 12 June 1999

Made by: Dave Teggins


40498             C-130        Pope 
50973/MY          C-130        MY 
86-231/VA         F-16         VA 
60160             C-141        McChord 
14433             MH-53        58 Sow 
90506/MO          F-15         MO 
90206/FT          A-10         FT 
741545/07         F-5          07 on Nose 
67975/EN          T-37         EN 
88-705/MO         F-15         MO 
50047/XL          T-1          XL 
81969/XL          T-37         XL 
68-476/SL         F-4          SL 
0-23425           UH-60        Utah Army ANG 
160484/E          T-34         E 
160961/E          T-34         E 
N73544            Connie 

Around the field: 
41673             C-130      Dye 
80509/HL          F-16       HL 
80422/HL          F-16       HL 
70393/HL          F-16       HL 
80537/HL          F-16       HL 
80479/HL          F-16       HL 
92108/HL          F-16       HL 
92174/HL          F-16       HL 
80463/HL          F-16       HL 
80521/HL          F-16       HL 
80466/HL          F-16       HL 
92086/HL          F-16       HL 
80492/HL          F-16       HL 
80419/HL          F-16       HL 
80495/HL          F-16       HL 
10673/OR          F-16       OR 

plus the Thunderbirds with their F-16C/Ds 

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