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Houston 1998

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Date: 17/18 October 1998

Made by: Jarrod Wilkening


F-15C                 80-0042/TY          AETC, 325th FW, 95th FS 
F-16B                 81-0817/ED          AFMC, 412th TW, 416th TS 
F-16C                 84-4283             Texas ANG, 147th FW, 111th FS 
CF-188A               188742              CAF, 4th Wing, No. 416 Squadron 
F-117A                86-0839/HO          ACC, 49th FW, 9th FS '9th FS' 
B-1B                  86-0127             Kansas ANG, 184th BW, 127th BS 
O/A-10A               78-0631/KC          AFRC, 442nd FW, 303rd FS 
Guppy                 N941NA              NASA JSC 
Boeing 747            N911NA              NASA JSC 
Gulfstream II STA     N945NA              NASA JSC 
C-17A                 89-1191             AMC, 437th AW, 17th AS 
C-21A                 84-0118             AMC, 375th AW, 458th AS 
KC-135R(RT)           58-0011             AMC, 22nd ARW, 344th ARS 
WC-130H               65-0967             AFRC, 403rd W, 53rd WRS 
P-3C                  161591/PZ-591       Atlantic Reserve Patrol Wing, VP-94 
S-3B                  160571/NJ-726       Pacific Sea Control Wing, VS-41 
E-2C                  162797/AD-607       Atlantic AEW Wing, VAW-120 
HU-25B                2125                CGAS Corpus Christi 
T-2C                  159171/A-975        Training Wing 1, VT-19 
T-37B                 59-0380/RA          AETC, 12th FTW, 559th FTS '559 FTS' 
T-38A                 66-4374/EN          AETC, 80th FTW, 90th FTS 
T-38N                 N966NA              NASA JSC 
T-39N                 165520/F-12         (N312NT)Training Wing 6, VT-86 
T-45A                 163648/B-248        Training Wing 2, VT-21 
T-45A                 165060/B-260        Training Wing 2, VT-21 
T-45A                 165063/B-263        Training Wing 2, VT-21 
T-45A                 165067/B-267        Training Wing 2, VT-21 
AH-1W                 165328/MM-426       4th Marine Air Wing, MAG-46/Det.A, HMLA-775 
UH-1V                 66-16894            Army Reserve, 4th Brigade/ 7-6 CAV (AC) 
MH-53E                162507/TB-07        Pacific Helicopter Tactical Wing, HM-15 
OH-58A                73-21906            Texas ArNG, 1-149 AVN (ATK) 
AH-64A                83-23820            Texas ArNG, 1-149 AVN (ATK) 
AH-64A                90-0284             4th Brigade/ 7-6 CAV (AC) 
HH-65A                6523                CGAS Houston 

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