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Jacksonville 2011

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NAS JAX Air Show
Date: 6-11-2011
86-0144 F-15C 159th FS FL ANG
99-3548/RA T-6A 559th FTS  
147788/AK-301 A-4C VA-106 mks pres
163400 EA-6B USMC/nmk  
160715/AC-302 A-7E VA-46 mks pres
162172/632 C-2A VAW120  
166695/695 C-40A VR-58  
165313/JW C-130T VR-62  
166507/655 E-2C VAW-120  
761554/AF-106 F-5N VFC-111  
161863/AJ-100 F-14A VF-100 mks pres
163455/3 F/A-18C Blue Angels  
156501/AR-453 SH-3H HS-1 mks pres
166590/AC-700 MH-60R HSM-74  
167844/HU-700 MH-60S HSC-2  
167886/AC-612 MH-60S HSC-7  
162999 P-3C no mks  
165966/F-100 T-6A TW-6 #
160984/G-4 T-44A TW-4 #
165628/A-186 T-45C VT-9  
167099/B-321 T-45C TW-2 #
167786 MQ-8B no mks  
N147CS P-3AEW Homeland Security  
N9279A PA-42 Homeland Security  
60-3572 UH-1B pres as 8433  
N778SR/136778/778 C-1A Private  
N3969A/53787/6 TBM-3E Private  
N68RW/121776/1 F-8F-2 Private as ‘94996’
N7062C/27675/B11-310 SNJ-4 Private  
NC76708/45-4556/45A L-4J Private  
N1358M/3452/207 N2S-3 Private  
N63947/41-8615/207 PT-17A Private  
N60Y Ce 337G Private  
Flightline/Flying Display:
80-0194/FT, 81-0967/FT A-10C 23rd Wg 23 WG
73-1167/TD QF-4E 82nd ATRS 53 WEG
74-0643/TD QF-4E 82nd ATRS 82 ATRS
164763 C-130T Blue Angels  
162064/E-100 TH-57C TW-5 #
162340/HN-434 SH-60B HSL-42  
161591/44-P-4 P-3C VP-30 #
166064/E-064 T-6B TW-5 #
NX2262Z/149606/AE-402 A-4C Private  
NL82GA/42-54532/5 SBD-5 Private  
N11FE/86680/5 FM-2 Private  
NX45NL/124692/NP5 F4U-5 Private  
N351MX/44-74391/MX-I P-51D Private  
NL20TG/67-14866/WZ-Y P-51D Private  
N92879/83589/32 SB2C-5 Private  
N187GH/138187/AF-606 T-28C Private  
N7757 Harvard Mk4 Private Japan mks
141351/AD-801 F-8A VF-174 mks pres
161408, 163004 P-3C USN  
NX1DF/121748/D-224 F8F-2 Private  
NX8TF/122637/F-225 F8F-2 Private  
N49739/42-16299 PT-17 Private  
F/A-18B*/C/D” of the Blue Angels:
163451/1, 163768/2, 163498/3, 163093/4, 163442/5
163765/6, 161723/7*, 163468/7”
161012/LF-012 P-3C VP-16  
158215/LF-215 P-3C VP-16  
157329/LL-329 P-3C VP-30  
158570/LL-570 P-3C VP-30  
161006/OB-006 P-3C VPU-1  
161005, 162773 P-3C USN/nmk  
NADEP area:
158804/NE-504 EA-6B VAQ-131  
159584/06 EA-6B nn  
161244/MD-01 EA-6B VMAQ-3  
161350/NJ-912 EA-6B VAQ-129  
161332 P-3C no mks  
160601/701 S-3B VX-30  
Hangars near NADEP area:
163243 SH-60B nn  
163908/HN-436 SH-60B HSL-42  
164462/HP-453 SH-60B HSL-44  
164849 SH-60B nn  
164852 SH-60B nn  
165109/HN- SH-60B HSL-42  
165111 SH-60B nn  
167001/AC-707 MH-60R HSM-74  
161066/G-466 T-44A TW-4  
preserved near gate:
161941/1 F/A-18A Blue Angels c/s  
151374/LL-11/30 P-3A VP-30 c/s  
157993/AJ-700 S-3A pres  
164443/610 SH-60F pres  
148730/AU-32 S-2D VS-27 c/s  
91664/SM-01 TBM-3E pres  
149695/AC-610 SH-3G pres  
131410/LA-9 SP-2E pres  
46582 PBY-5 pres  
# CoNA c/s

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