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Kaneohe Bay 2007

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Date: 13/14 October 2007

Made by:


86-0023 		C-5B 		337th AS
86-0038 		KC-10A 		60th AMW
00-0181 		C-17A 		62nd AW
58-0021 		KC-135R 	127th ARS KS ANG
93-00934 		CH-47D 		B/1-171stAVN HI NG
165153 			C-20G 		Hawaii
910514/10 		C-26D 		PMRF
165353/NY 		KC-130T 	VMGR-452
157173/YZ-45 		CH-53D 		HMH-363
162348/TH-60 		SH-60B 		HSL-37
161335/PD 		P-3C 		VP-9
N15SD 			UH-1H 		ex 63-8821
N231H 			Beech E18S 	private
N850AL 			B737-2X6C 	Aloha Cargo
N9796N 			C-117D 		ex 17140
N55324 			N2S-3 		as 315
- 			T-6/SNJ 	all blue, nmks
The Huey wore "15183" on its tail boom.

Flightline (in front of crowd line):
161967/1, 161948/3 	F/A-18A 	Blue Angels
162437/4, 163106/5 	F/A-18A 	Blue Angels
161959/6 		F/A-18A 	Blue Angels
161746/2 		F/A-18B 	Blue Angels

92-3281 		C-130H 		328th AS
93-00929 		CH-47D 		B/1-171stAVN HI ArNG
164763 			C-130T 		Blue Angels
- 			F/A-18A 	Blue Angels
157148/YH-41 		CH-53D 		HMH-463
157169/YH-12 		CH-53D 		HMH-463
....../YH-06 		CH-53D 		HMH-463
....../YH-10 		CH-53D 		HMH-463
163241/TH-54 		SH-60B 		HSL-37
164813/TH-63 		SH-60B 		HSL-37
164854/TH-66 		SH-60B 		HSL-37
160292, 162778 		P-3C 		nmks
6538 			HH-65C 		CGAS Barbers Point

Flying only:
05-5147/HH 		C-17A 		535th AS 	Sunday
05-5151/HH 		C-17A 		535th AS 	Friday
1702 			HC-130H 	Barbers P. 	Sunday

Other side of runway:
2x 			F-4 		dumped near rwy
(157753) 		CH-53D 		dumped fuselage
...002			P-3C 		nmks
(161)407 		P-3C 		nmks
(160)762 		P-3C 		nmks
...766, ...770 +1 	P-3C 		nmks

Hangar 2 (slightly open):
....../YH-01 		CH-53D 		HMH-463

Hangar 3 (closed):
162118/TH-57 		SH-60B 		HSL-37
162134/TH-61 		SH-60B          HSL-37
164177/TT-22 		SH-60B          HSL-43
164461/TT-23 		SH-60B          HSL-43
164810/TH-62 		SH-60B          HSL-37
164847/TH-53 		SH-60B          HSL-37

Hangar 3 (closed):
156515/PD 		P-3C 		VP-9
158915/YD 		P-3C 		VP-4
159506 			P-3C 		nmks

(153889)/WD-00 		F-4S 		as ‘155894’ at gate
146973/WT-100 		F-8K 		preserved at gate
157740/24 		CH-53D 		preserved on base
158748/YH-00 		CH-53D 		preserved at gate
150279/BP-22 		SP-2H 		preserved at gate
151392 			TP-3A 		preserved on base
147870/22 		S-2D 		preserved at gate

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