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Kissimee 1986

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Date: 2 November 1986

Made by:


79- 0196  EL          A-10A                        23TFW/74TFS 
79- 0213  EL          A-10A                        23TFW/74TFS 
162728    CG12        AV-8B                        VMA231 
160484    E484        T-34C                        TAW5 
161804    E804        T-34C                        TAW5 
85- 1266              C-12F                        REDCOM 
74-22495              UH-1H                        REDCOM 
67-17187              UH-1H                        348MED.DET. 
85-24349              CH-47D                       132AVN.COY(AHS) 
65-12780              CH-3E                        DET.15/39ARW 
158240    BF106       UH-1N                        HCT16 

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