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Lafayette 2008

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Date: 1 November 2008

Made by:


84-0118 		C-21A 		375th AW
99-5309 		WC-130J 	53rd WRS AFRC
60-0324 		KC-135R 	91st ARS
77-0062/JZ 		F-15A 		122nd FS LA ANG
82-0021/EG, 82-0034/EG 	F-15C 		58th FS
75-0745 		F-16A 		USAF Exhibit
70-16451 		TH-1H 		23rd FTS
07-02034 		UH-72A 		LA ARNG 	c/n 9170
163444/NJ-307 		F/A-18C 	VFA-125
164703/NJ-374 		F/A-18C 	VFA-125
165111/HN-437 		SH-60B 		HSL-42
6534 			HH-65C 		New Orleans
Plus the Thunderbirds with unidentified F-16s.

N2399V 			L-39C 		ex Russian 	c/n 031633  
N401ZA 		        L-39ZA 		ex Hungary 127    
N2760A 		        T-6G 		nn 		c/n 168-622          
N75804 		        N2S-3 		ex USN 75-1291     
NL49FG 		        P-40N 		ex 42-105861       
N502A 		        O-2A 		ex USAF 69-7617     
N207YK 		        Yak-52 		ex Russia 	c/n 96113913
N6320T 		        P-51D 		ex 44-74497        
N3662K 		        J-3C 		nn 		c/n 22353            

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