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Langley 1995

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Date: 7 October 1995

Made by:


133402                CT-133       nn
114128                CT-114       nn
144607                CE-144A      434sq
188760                CF-188       nn
86-0098/EL            B-1B         28th BW
88-0332/WM            B-2A         509th BW
60-0011/LA            B-52H        20th BS
85-0007               C-5B         436th AW
85-0033               KC-10A       305th AMW
84-0115/FF            C-21A        12th ALF
64-14853/FF           HC-130P      71st RQS
61-0268               KC-135E      314th ARS AFRes
59-1448               KC-135E      196th ARS CA ANG
65-0243               C-141B       60th AMW
77-0355/OK            E-3B         964th AACS
75-0055/FF            F-15A        ABDR
81-0025/FF            F-15C        71st FS "1 FW"
83-0027/FF            F-15C        27th FS
86-0231/VA            F-16C        149th FS VA ANG
73-0707/CC            F-111F       522nd FS
84-0811/HO            F-117A       49th FW
69-6607/FF            UH-1N        72nd HS
92-26465/FF           HH-60G       41st RQS
88-0249               AH-64A       nn
93-0642/VN            T-1A         71st FTW/32nd FTS
64-13445/CB           T-37B        14th FTW "37 FTS"
70-1955/VN            T-38A        71st FTW/25th FTS
62-3690/WM            T-38A        509th BW
159159/A-979          T-2C         CTW-1
158888/A-958          T-2C         CTW-1
161855/AD-202         F-14B        VF-101
N511NA                T-38A        NASA Langley
N535NA                UH-1N        NASA Langley

66-0044/CC            EF-111A      429th ECS
68-8204/HO            T-38A        49th FW

CF-188  433sq:
188708,  188783,  188786

F-15C   27th FS  'FF':
80-0035, 80-0048, 82-0025, 83-0014, 83-0018, 83-0029
83-0033, 83-0034, 83-0039 '1 OG', 83-0041, 83-0042

F-15D 27th FS    'FF':

F-15C 71st FS    'FF':
82-0009, 82-0011, 82-0012, 82-0014, 82-0036, 83-0012
83-0013, 83-0017

F-15D 71st FS    'FF':
83-0047, 83-0048

F-15C 94th FS    'FF':
80-0029, 83-0011, 83-0023, 83-0024

F-15D 94th FS    'FF':

84-0113/FF            C-21A        12th ALF
63-7794/FF            C-130E       71st RQS "1 RQG"
81-10796/HO           F-117A       49th FW
69-6662/FF            UH-1N        72nd HS

77-22942              C-12C        HQ OSAC
84-0114/FF 84-0117/FF C-21A        12th ALF
84-0141/FF            C-21A        12th ALF
74-0112/FF 74-0117/FF F-15A        ABDR
82-0019/FF 82-0038/FF F-15C        71st FS
83-0025/FF            F-15C        71st FS
81-0034/FF            F-15C        94th FS
87-0182/MO            F-15E        391st FS "366 WG"
87-0329/6             F-16C        Thunderbirds
69-6605/FF            UH-1N        72nd HS

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