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Langley 2001

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Date: 13 May 2001

Made by:


188902   	        CF-188   		Canadian Armed Forces
4609     	        Tornado  		Luftwaffe            
83-0067/DY              B-1  		                     
60-0034/MT              B-52H  		                     
69-0027                 C-5A     	                     
87-0122                 KC-10A   	                     
94-0068			C-17A     	                     
64-14853                HC-130P  	                     
69-7234/TD              QF-4  		                     
83-0041/FF              F-15C		                     
81-0782/ND              F-16A		                     
165087   	        T-45     		US Navy              
160970/G   	        T-44A			US Navy              
N524NA/NASA524	        OV-10A   		NASA                 
N564NA/64	        T-38     		NASA                 
MJ730                   Spitfire MkIXe                       
N30N/42-55884           C60A     	                     
N9079Z/44-30734         B-25J    	                     
43-32644                Bobcat   	                     
41-24485                TB-17F   	                     
N494TW/48-609           L749     	                     
N500EJ/?'               C54/R5D  	                     

N6373Y			Yak-9UM
84-0811/HO, 80-0789/HO	F-117A 
83-0019/FF, 82-0024/FF	F-15C
81-0026/FF		F-15C    
86-0137			B-1B
79-0227			F-16A
			Waco     		Jet power assisted
NX117RR			Mig-17     		Bill Reeseman
4x			PT-17			RED BARON pizza outlet
68-0531			F-4E       		Gen. Steve Ritchie
NX86FR/53-1201		F-86F    

Gate Guards:
59-2601			B-52G     
64-0748			F-4C

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