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Little Rock 1999

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Date: 23 October 1999

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79-0105/BD   		OA-10A Thunderbolt	47 FS
70-0452                 C-5A Galaxy             97AMW
71-0878                 C-9A Nightingale        375 AW
96-0004                 C-17A Globemaster       437 AW
84-0071/KS             	C-21A Learjet           81 TRW
84-0125                 C-21A Learjet           375 AW
-62-1824                C-130E Hercules         154 TS Arkansas ANG
63-7783                 HC-130E Hercules        193 SOS Pennsylvania ANG
63-9812                 C-130E Hercules         314 AW
66-0223                 MC-130P Hercules        9 SOS
92-0553                 C-130H Hercules         463 AG
94-3026                 C-130J Hercules         Lockheed
66-0146                 C-141B Starlifter       97 AMW
76-0132/ED             	F-15B Eagle             412 TW
82-0957/FS              F-16A Falcon            184 FS Arkansas ANG
85-0817/HO             	F-117A Nighthawk        49 FW
94-0136/VN             	T-1A Jayhawk            71 TW
59-0342/XL              T-37B Tweety            47 FTW
70-1950/VN             	T-38A Talon             71 FTW
73-21756                UH-1V Iroquois          Camp Robinson
90-0226                 CH-47D Chinook          149 Avn Texas Army NG
162934/AA-500        	EA-6B Prowler           VAQ-132
161498/G-320           	TC-12B Huron            TW-4
165328/MM-426       	AH-1W Cobra             HMLA-775
162276                  T-34C Mentor
160854/G-454           	T-44A Pegasus           TW-4
158933/LN-933        	P-3C Orion              VP-45
6012                    HH-60J Jayhawk          USCG Mobile
6591                    HH-65A Dolphin          USCG Mobile
2124                    HU-25A Guardian         USCG Mobile
114106                  CT-114 Tutor            2 FTS Canadian Armed Forces
114131                  CT-114 Tutor            2 FTS Canadian Armed Forces
142806                  CC-142 Dash Eight       402 Sqn Canadian Armed Forces
80-0229/FT              OA-10A Thunderbolt      23 FG
82-0664/FT              A-10A Thunderbolt       23 FG
82-1025/FS              F-16A Falcon            184 FS Arkansas ANG
85-1607                 C-31A                   Golden Knights
81-23559                UH-60A Blackhawk        172 Med. Co. Arkansas Army NG
151891                  TC-130G Hercules        Blue Angels
165467/A-124            T-45A Goshawk           TW-1

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