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Luke 2014

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Luke AFB Lightning in the desert airshow
Date: 15-16 March 2014
44+33 Tornado IDS GAFFTC $
62-3516 KC-135R 197th ARS AZ ANG “358 FS”
82-0659/DM A-10C 355th FW  
87-0123 KC-10A 60th AMW  
98-0055 C-17A 58th AS  
88-1302 AC-130W AFSOC  
98-1358 C-130J-30 314th AW “366 FW”
88-1707/MO F-15E 366th FW “62 FS”
84-1308/LF F-16C 62nd FS “308 FS”
87-0356/LF F-16CM 308th FS “309 FS”
89-2004/LF F-16CM 309th FS “310 FS”
90-0768/LF F-16CM 310th FS “69 FS”
90-0769/LF F-16CM 310th FS Taiwan 6610
93-0711/LF F-16A 21st FS RSAF “425 FS” $
96-5035/LF F-16D 425th FS  
05-4088/HO F-22A 49th FW  
11-5030/LF F-35A 61st FS  
93-0632/XL T-1A 47th FTW ‘80 OG’
08-3917/EN T-6A 80 FTW  
65-10342/BB T-38A 99th RS  
66-4343/EN T-38C 80th FTW  
06-0740 U-28A AFSOC  
167911/YR-08 MV-22B VMM-161  
N846NA/846 F/A-18B NASA Dryden  
6583 MH-65C Los Angeles  
67-17174/74C UH-1H ex US Army ex Bolivia FAB-521
NL20TF/463187 P-51D   ex 53-4150
N34EM T-34A   ex Ukraine 88 red
N39KR L-39C   ex 42-23518
N53ST C-47A   ex Canada 21129
NX84TB T-33AN   ex 43-35972
N125AZ TB-25N    
N145AZ/44511 Beech D18S   ex NZ6215
N145EM/15 A-4K Draken Intl ex China
N191CL/101 CJ6A   ex Romania 115
N391ZA L-39ZA    
N610AT AT-6A Hawker Beechcraft ex Spain C.6-27
N4086T AT-6D   ex Indonesia LL-2909
N7149Z L-29    
N12288 L-101 Vega   ex 68-17357
N17357 OH-6A   ex 68-11018
N48233 O-2A   ex Bu53503
NC53503 TBM-3S    
‘546’ MiG-15UTI    
Plus a unknown B-17 and a PV-2.
11-5023/EG, 11-5024/EG F-35A 58th FS  
11-5025/EG F-35A 58th FS  
64-13270/BB T-38A 99th RS  
82-(23)835 UV-18A 305th FTG  
168294/YR-04 MV-22B VMM-161  
168296/YR-14 MV-22B VMM-161  
Of course the Thunderbirds were here but remained unidentified. Some of the local F-16s could be logged from the static, obviously many more were present, all ‘LF’:
F-16A, 21st FS: 93-0704, 93-0708, 93-0709, 93-0722, 93-0816,    
F-16B, 21st FS: 93-0828    
F-16C 62nd FS: 84-1302, plus 84-1294/AZ    
F-16D 62nd FS: 84-1331    
F-16CM 308th FS: 88-0412, 88-0458, 88-0484, 88-0487, 88-0511,    
  88-0514, 88-0524, 89-2107, 90-0755, 90-0758    
  plus 87-0360/944 FW    
F-16DM 308th FS: 87-0394, 87-0395, 88-0153, 89-2161, 89-2170,    
  89-2177, 90-0781, 90-0788, 90-0789    
F-16CM 309th FS: 88-0164, 88-0464, 88-0472, 90-0727, 90-0751,    
F-16DM 309th FS: 88-0155, 88-0158, 88-0159, 88-0162, 90-0786    
F-16CM 310th FS: 87-0358, 88-0493, 88-0505, 88-0508, 89-2154,    
  90-0705, 90-0752, 90-0757, 90-0760, 90-0762,    
F-16DM 310th FS: 88-0161, 88-0163, 89-2164, 89-2179, 90-0787,    
F-16CM no mks: 90-0770    
Among the ones unidentified were two ‘high backed’ F-16Ds from Singapore. If anyone can add to the above, please do!
67-0327/ZF F-4E pres on base, along road  
73-0108 F-15B pres on base, along road  
6779 F-84F pres on base, along road  
52-5323/FU-323 F-86F pres on base, along road  
53-1716/LA F-100C pres on base, along road  
56-0892/’13243’ F-104C pres on base, along road  
42-3984 AT-6C pres on base, along road  
58-0495/’80745’ T-33A pres on base, along road  
81-0687/”56 FW” F-16A pres on base  


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