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MacDill 2010

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Date: 20 March 2010

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80-0194/FT	A-10		23th WG
86-0093/EL	B-1B		37th BS
60-0042/BD	B-52H		20th BS
85-0032		KC-10A		305th AMW
05-0730		C-40C		73rd AS AFRC
83-0493		LC-130H		139th AS NY ANG
96-5300		WC-130J		53rd WRS
89-1052		AC-130U		4th SOS
63-8033		KC135R		927th ARW
82-0030/TY	F-15C		95th FS
81-0046/TY	F-15C		95th FS
87-0270/FM	F-16C		482th FW AFRC
06-4119/AK	F-22A		525th FS
06-4129/AK	F-22A		525th FS #
91-0099/RA	T-1A		99th FTS
04-743/VN	T-6A		71st FTW
64-13265/WM	T-38A		394th CTS
66-8402/WM	T-38A		394th CTS
68-8167/CB	T-38		50th FTS
07-0034		CV-22B		8th SOS
07-27112	UH-60		nn
162144/41	C-2A		VRC-40
761550/21	F-5N		VFE-111
166811/NK-104	F/A-18F		VFA-22
162040/E-76	TH-57		HT-8
1719		C-130		USCG Clearwater
6022		HH-60		USCG Clearwater
N10VD		OV-10		as 95958
N172RU		Mi-8		6th SOS
N52RF		Ce550		NOAA
# in hangar.
The C-2, was already showing its new 8 bladed propellers. There are also a few gaps,
because a lot of serials were partly logged or are not yet in our database.

Far end:
92-3292		C-17A		437th AW
88-01865	C-23C		185th AVN MS ARNG
01-0028		C-37A		310th AS
87-0179/SJ	F-15E		333rd FS *
89-0475/SJ	F-15E		334th FS
163592/NY-592	KC-130T		VMGR-452
NL31507?	P-51D		as 44-13806
Noted KC-135s of local MacDill units:
61-0294*, 62-3529, 62-3533, 63-7987
*also flying
The blue angels were showing their performance, but were not logged.

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