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Manassas 2016

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Manassas, VA (United States of America)

Air Show

7 May 2016

02-0201 C-40C 201st AS DC ANG  
168571/BR-37 MH-60S HSC-28 70-4913
168324/08 MV-22B VMX-1 D0226
N1156V OY1 ex Bu75175  
N133HH CT-133 ex 133452  
N150XX L-39C ex Ukraine 47 031617
N3167G T-6G ex 49-3272  
N34AX T-34A ex Chile 177  
N36 AT-6D ex 44-81493  
N39WF L-39C ex USSR209 ol 232218
N40402 TBM-3E ex Bu91426  
N424AF O-2A ex 67-21424  
N46592 PT-17 ex 41-25270  
N52SD Yak-52 as 01 yw not ex-mil
N52652 PT-17 ex 42-16165  
N55107 L-39C ex Ukraine 433136
N6253C T-6G ex 49-2943  
N68853 PT-13D ex 42-17255  
N796WM AT-6C ex SAAF 7002  
N94422 Sea Harrier FA2 ex XZ439  
A modest event near Washington (DC), the Manassas air show is organized annually. Most aircraft present were warbirds,      
also, the President’s MV-22B caused long queues. However, none of these could beat Art Nalls’ performance with his      
private Sea Harrier. After the Indian Navy retired its fleet recently, this is the only flying Sea Harrier in the world. Only in the USA..      

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