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March 1993

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Date: 31 October 1993

Made by:


114037                CT-114       2 CFFTS
133648                CT-133       414sq
142803                CT-142       402sq
15003                 CC-150       437sq
188920                CF-188B      nn
63-7611               F-4C         gate guard
82-0648    "355WG"    A-10A        355th Wing
86-0110/GF            B-1B         46th BS
58-0163/CA "93OG"     B-52G        328th BS
84-0180               C-12F        459th ALS
84-0126/RA            C-21A        332nd ALF
63-7783               EC-130E      193rs SOS PA ANG
65-0989/DM            EC-130H      41st ECS
57-1428               KC-135E      133rd ARS NH ANG
66-0201               C-141B       445th AW AFRes
64-1022               RF-4C        192nd RS NV ANG
69-7297               F-4G         190th FS ID ANG
79-0016/TY            F-15C        1st FS
86-0187/LF            F-15E        461st FS
80-0583               F-16A ADF    194th FS CA ANG
79-0311/ED,79-0409/ED F-16A        416th TS
88-0423/NM            F-16C        188th FS NM ANG
86-0822/HO            F-117A       49th FW
67-21465              O-2A         March museum
64-17975              SR-71A       March museum
91-0095               T-1A         64th FTW
58-1933/LB            T-37B        64th FTW
64-13270/BB           T-38A        9th RW
61-0835/HO,61-0899/HO T-38A        49th FW 
67-14852/XL           T-38A        47th FTW
163031/CY-05          EA-6B        VMAQ-2
162784                E-6A         VQ-3
164601/NJ-166         F-14A        VF-124
164027/NJ-311         F/A-18C      VFA-125
2121                  HU-25A       CGAS San Diego
6015                  HH-60J       CGAS S Fransisci
N842NA                F/A-18A      NASA Dryden
N148CS                P-3AEW       US Customs
79-23297              UH-60A       US Customs

115465                CC-115       442sq
60-0034/KI            B-52H        644th BS
84-0177               C-12F        459th ALS
55-3130               KC-135E      March museum
66-7959               C-141B       445th AW AFRes ?
Local KC-10As of 22nd OG:
79-1946, 79-1948, 79-1949, 79-1950, 84-0187 and 85-0027
Local KC-135Es of 336th ARS AFRes:
55-3141, 57-1512, 57-2598 and 58-0052
T-41As of the March flying club:
N3792R, N4969R, N5150F, N5198F, N5215F and N5235F

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