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McConnell 2006

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Date: 9 September 2006

Made by:


85-0085/EL		B-1B		37th BS                
98-0053			C-17A	        58th AS	"58AS"         
84-0092	                C-21A	        311th AF               
88-1301	                C-130H	        180th AS MO ANG        
58-0124, 59-1486	KC-135R	        22nd ARW               
62-3572			KC-135R	        127th ARS KS ANG       
77-0352/OK		E-3B	        964th AACS             
82-23699	        UH-60A	        24th MedCo KS NG       
90-0410/VN	        T-1A	        32nd FTS               
02-3655/XL	        T-6A	        47th FTW               
66-8006/EN	        T-37B	        89th FTS               
64-13301/BB	        T-38A	        1st RS                 
67-14951/XL	        T-38A	        87th FTS	"87FTS"
161002/LD-002	        P-3C	        nn                     

78-0673/DM,80-0168/DM	A-10A		355th Wg
86-0125/EL		B-1B	        77th BS 
98-0052			C-17A	        62nd AW 
166454/NJ-145		F/A-18F	        VFA-122 
And the F-16s of the Thunderbirds with codes 1-8.

Local aircraft:
58-0011, 58-0126	KC-135R		22nd ARW                   
58-0071			KC-135T	        22nd ARW                   
59-1511, 60-0328	KC-135R	        22nd ARW                   
60-0362, 61-0311	KC-135R	        22nd ARW                   
62-3559, 63-8000	KC-135R	        22nd ARW                   
62-3568			KC-135R	        22nd ARW	also flying
58-0121, 59-1461	KC-135R	        127th ARS KS ANG           
62-3513, 63-8004	KC-135R	        127th ARS KS ANG           
63-8875			KC-135R	        127th ARS KS ANG           

Boeing Ramp:
75-0125			E-4B		1st ACCS
N767TT			B767T/T		for Italian AF

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