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McEntire 1994

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Date: 1 May 1994

Made by:

Updated: 4 September 2001

79-0194/SW blue       A-10A        20th FW
79-0476               C-130H       196th FG SC ANG
57-1504 purple        KC-135E      nn
65-0833/BH            RF-4C        106th RS AL ANG "106RS" 'Daily ├┐Recce Rebles'
75-0043/GA            F-15A        128th FS GA ANG
88-1688/SJ mlt        F-15E        4th Wing "4OG"
81-0721/FL-16         F-16A        159th FS FL ANG
79-0321               F-16A        169th FG SC ANG "169FG"
91-0404               F-16C        169th FG SC ANG "169FG"
88-0842/HO            F-117A       8th FS 'Black Sheep'
69-6655               UH-1N        1st AS/89th AW
69-15228              UH-1V        1259MedCo SC ArNG
72-21270              OH-58A       1-151AVN SC ArNG
91-26330              UH-60L       1-151AVN SC ArNG
86-9002               AH-64A       1-151AVN SC ArNG
68-8075/CB white      T-37B        14th FTW
68-8166/CB blue       T-38A        14th FTW
159795/A-743          TA-4J        TW-1/VT-7
162926/AG-200         F-14B        VF-142
163570/AD-621         F-16N        VF-45
164663/AJ-403         F/A-18C      VFA-87
162259/E-259          T-34C        TW-5
114036                CT-114       2 CFFTS
188921                CF-188B      433sq

BDRT Area:
63-7455               F-4C         BDRT

85-0101/EG blue       F-15C        33rd FW
85-0122/EG blue       F-15C        33rd FW
81-0713/FL-08         F-16A        159th FS FL ANG
85-1608               C-31A        Golden Knights
164647/AJ-402         F/A-18C      VFA-87

F-16C Thunderbirds: 87-0325/2, 87-0313/3, 87-0329/6
                    plus codes 1, 4 en 5.

SC Army NG Area:
66-0643               UH-1M        preserved
1x                    C-26B        nn
OH-58A 1-151AVN      : 71-20419, 72-21330 plus 3   
AH-64A 1-151AVN      : 86-8997                     
UH-1H/V 1251MedCo    : 16251, 16358, 15295, 17545  
                       71-20002, 71-20003, 71-20088
F-16A 169th FG SC ANG: 79-0291, 79-0292, 79-0295
                       79-0319, 79-0394, 80-0532
Far side:
F-16A 169th FG SC ANG: 79-0293, 79-0297, 79-0299
                       79-0302, 79-0304
F-16B 169th FG SC ANG: 79-0410

Flying only:
85-0031/SJ            KC-10A	   4th Wing "City of Goldsboro" 
90-0533               C-17A	   437th AW 
74-0181/CC            F-111F	   57th FW 

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