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Miramar 2007

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Date: 12-14 October 2007

Made by:


155215 			CT-155 		NFTC
156124 			CT-156 		NFTC
188925 			CF-188B 	409sq
79-0148/BD 		A-10A 		47th FS
61-0034/MT 		B-52H 		23rd BS
04-4138 		C-17A 		729th AS   
69-5829                 HC-130N 	550th SOS
60-0346                 KC-135T 	314th ARS
87-0173/MO 		F-15E 		389th FS       
87-0204/MO              F-15E 		389th FS       
94-0148/CB              T-1A 		48th FTS        
05-3804/XL              T-6A 		84th FTS ’84FTS’
64-13240/BB 		T-38A 		1st RS      
64-13271/BB 		T-38A           1st RS      
65-10429/BB 		T-38A           1st RS ‘9RW’
68-8172/HO 		T-38A           7th CTS     
68-8186/HO 		T-38A           7th CTS     
69-7083/RA 		T-38C           560th FTS   
162176/RW-21 		C-2A 		VRC-30
163561 			UC-12F 		Miramar
167110/QB 		KC-130J 	VMGR-352
157246/MF-08 		F-4S 		preserved
162396/NH-300 		F/A-18A 	VMFA-232    
164049/SH-200 		F/A-18D         VMFAT-101   
164975/NG-212 		F/A-18C         VMFA-323    
165413/VK-01 		F/A-18D         VMFA(AW)-121
165529/DT-04 		F/A-18D         VMFA(AW)-242
166661/AC-200		F/A-18F         VFA-32      
166678/AC-211 		F/A-18F         VFA-32      
164587/WR-705 		AH-1W 		HMLA-775
158558/WR-741 		UH-1N 		HMLA-775
156426/YT-14 		CH-46E 		HMM(T)-164
157685/YW-10 		CH-46E          HMM-165   
161385/MS-40 		CH-53E          HMH-769   
162482/YJ-70 		CH-53E          HMH-465   
160054/F-22 		CT-39G          VT-86     
165389/WF-03 		AV-8B 		VMA-513
142394 			TH-13M 		preserved  
(53726)/54 		TBM-3E          preserved  
6040 			MH-60J          San Diego  
6504 			HH-65C          Los Angeles
N432DF/71 		S-2T 		CDF (ex 149268)
N409DF/330 		OV-10A 		CDF (ex 155401)
64 red 			MiG-21 		cockpit only
N4XW 			JetProvost T5A 	(ex XW435)
N13YK 			Yak-52 		as ’52 white’
NX28CQ 			T-28C 		ex 146254/2S-371
N28XC 			T-28C 		ex 140514/2S-744
N34TX (ex 55-0239) 	T-34A 		as ‘8796/AF-796’
N50DG 			L-29 		as TD
N93R 			C-40A 		(ex 38-0540)
N107PJ 			CA-25 		ex A85-429
N189AK 			Yak-18T 	as CCCP-81399
NX243DM 		T-28C 		as 140662/XE-18
N360PT 			CJ-6A 		as ‘B8’
N381C 			L-5 		as ‘003381’
N443KT (ex 53/Bulgaria) L-29 		as ’53 red’
N902BB 			TS-11 		ex 0902/Poland
N911J 			S11-1 		ex E-11/KLu
N1110R 			PT-13 		as 19
N2207 			Yak-52 		as ’10 red’
N2805J (ex 43-16369) 	C-47A 		as ’43-770/EN’
N2833G 			C-45H 		ex 51-11602
N30801 			TB-25N 		ex 44-30801        
N3171G                  AT-6G 		ex (49-3300)/RG-00  
N4171A                  TBM-3E 		ex (91521)/25      
N5195N                  Stearman 	as 960           
N7300C                  SNJ-5 		ex 43763/6-49       
N64685                  CH-21B 		ex 54-4001         
N92785                  Alouette 2 	(ex V-48/Swiss)
NX99395 		T-28A 		ex 49-1540/TL-540
The preserved aircraft are from the Flying Leatherneck Aviation
Museum which is at the northern edge of the base.

Static hangar (slightly open):
164272/VK-02 		F/A-18D 	VMFA(AW)-121
164652/VK-11            F/A-18D         VMFA(AW)-121
164653/DT-03            F/A-18D         VMFA(AW)-242
165528/DT-00            F/A-18D         VMFA(AW)-242
165530/VK-00            F/A-18D         VMFA(AW)-121
165685/DT-13            F/A-18D         VMFA(AW)-242
165686/DT-08            F/A-18D         VMFA(AW)-242
....../VK-04 		F/A-18D         VMFA(AW)-121

Static hangar (closed):
162431/NH-303 		F/A-18A 	VMFA-232    
162467/NH-306           F/A-18A         VMFA-232    
162893/NH-312           F/A-18A         VMFA-232    
162903/NH-314           F/A-18A         VMFA-232    
163447/SH-241           F/A-18D         VMFAT-101   
164022/SH-262           F/A-18D         VMFAT-101   
164670/VK-12            F/A-18D         VMFA(AW)-121
164709/SH-210           F/A-18C         VMFAT-101   
164875/NG-207           F/A-18C         VMFA-323    
165190/SH-201           F/A-18C         VMFAT-101   

Static hangar (closed):
162843/NH-307 		F/A-18A 	VMFA-232    
164051/SH-266           F/A-18D         VMFAT-101   
164724/WS-201           F/A-18C         VMFA-323    
164736/WS-205           F/A-18C         VMFA-323    
164877/NG-201           F/A-18C         VMFA-323    
....../DT-07            F/A-18D         VMFA(AW)-242

Flight line Westside:
89-0483/SJ 		F-15E 		335th FS
89-0485/SJ 		F-15E           333rd FS
88-0521/HL, 88-0533/HL 	F-16C           4th FS  
85-0813/HO 		F-117A 		9th FS
88-0843/HO 		F-117A 		8th FS
85-01608 		C-31A 		Golden Knights
165736/QB, 166513/QB 	KC-130J 	VMGR-352    
166762/QB 		KC-130J         VMGR-352    
(163126)/34 		F/A-18A         stored, camo
164650/VK-14 		F/A-18D         VMFA(AW)-121
164651/DT-01 		F/A-18D         VMFA(AW)-242
164683/DT-06 		F/A-18D         VMFA(AW)-242
164698/WS-202 		F/A-18C         VMFA-323    
164734/WS-203 		F/A-18C         VMFA-323    
164733/NG-204 		F/A-18C         VMFA-323    
165527/VK-03 		F/A-18D         VMFA(AW)-121
166464/NJ-131 		F/A-18F         VFA-122     
166790/NJ-135 		F/A-18F         VFA-122     
158257/5Y-04 		HH-1N 		Yuma   
163869/CF-20            AV-8B           VMA-211
164142/WF-23            AV-8B           VMA-513
164154/WF-26            AV-8B           VMA-513
164545/CF-23            AV-8B           VMA-211
165423/WF-00            AV-8B           VMA-513
N85JW 			RC1121 		private
NX117BR 		Lim-5 		ex 1509/Poland
NX224RD 		F8F-2 		ex 121748/D-224
N1078Z 			F6F-5 		private
N2580 			P-51D 		ex 44-22580/RF-K
N5833 			FM-2 		as ‘Q-T’
6x 			L-39C 		Patriots Demo team
The F-117s have been moved around; -0813 was on the static
on Friday and the -0843 on the flight line. During the weekend -
0813 was on the flight line and -0843 in a nearby hangar.

CH-53 Line:
CH-53Es of HMH-361: 161391/YN-01
162483/YN-03 	    164789/YN-04        163073/YN-05
163078/YN-06        16435./YN-07        164859/YN-08
164365/YN-09        164786/YN-10        164787/YN-11
The CH-53 were parked tightly together and behind the west
side flight lines. The YN-07 is either 164358 or 164359. Parked
behind this line were the F-16s of the Thunderbirds.

Helicopter ramps (these ramps were ‘easy’ visible from the western car park):
162563/UV-58 		AH-1W 		HMLA-267
165274/UV-73            AH-1W           HMLA-267
165393/VT-42            AH-1W           HMLA-367
159202/UV-30            UH-1N           HMLA-267
160177/UV-42            UH-1N           HMLA-267
160167/YX-31            UH-1N           HMM-166 
159205/YX-32            UH-1N           HMM-166 
157697/PF-10            CH-46E 		HMM-364
153975/PF-12            CH-46E          HMM-364
157724/YR-15            CH-46E          HMM-161

AH-1Ws of HMM-166:
160105/YX-41        162567/YX-42        163945/YX-43

CH-46Es of HMM-268:
154849/YQ-09 	    156471/YQ-13 	153328/YQ-14

CH-46Es of HMM-165
157649/YW-01 	   154001/YW-06 	153969/YW-07
153377/YW-10 	   156457/YW-12 	157704/YW-12
154789/YW-14 (two times code YW-12 !)

CH-46Es of HMM-166:
156421/YX-01 	   154857/YX-02 	154831/YX-03          
153956/YX-04       157691/YX-05         154850/YX-06  
155303/YX-07       154039/YX-08         152574/YX-09  
154792/YX-10       154845/YX-.. (could be coded YX-11)

CH-46E with no marks:
157672/-- 	   ....../12

CH-53Es of HMH-462:
161384/YF-20 	   ....../YF-22 	....../YF-23
....../YF-24       ....../YF-25         ....../YF-29
164860/YF-30       162499/YF-32         ....../YF-33

CH-53Es of HMH-465:
....../YJ-51 	   164362/YJ-55 	....../YJ-56 
161382/YJ-62       ....../YJ-65         162500/YJ-66
162524/YJ-67       ....../YJ-68         163081/YJ-69

CH-53Es of HMM-166:
161381/YX-2. 	   162006/YX-2. 	164364/YX-27
The three codes for the HMM-166 CH-53s are YX-24, YX-25 and
YX-26, tie-ups unknown.

In a hangar in this area were:
154027/YW-03 		CH-46E 		HMM-165 
153346/YW-04            CH-46E          HMM-165 
153357/YW-14            CH-46E          HMM-165 
156473/YR-05            CH-46E          HMM-161 
153973/YR-14            CH-46E          HMM-161 
155311/YX-00            CH-46E          HMM-166 
154834/YX-11            CH-46E          HMM-166 
162502/Y(F)-27 		CH-53E 		HMH-462

Ramp eastern side:
166512/QB, 166514/QB 	KC-130J 	VMGR-352
....../NH-301  		F/A-18A 	VMFA-232
....../NH-305 		F/A-18A 	VMFA-232
....../NH-310 		F/A-18A 	VMFA-232
....../SH-11 		F/A-18B 	VMFAT-101 camo
....../SH-34 		F/A-18C 	VMFAT-101
....../SH-37 		F/A-18C 	VMFAT-101
....../SH-215 		F/A-18C 	VMFAT-101
....../SH-225 		F/A-18C 	VMFAT-101
....../SH-241 		F/A-18D 	VMFAT-101
....../SH-270 		F/A-18D 	VMFAT-101

On other side of runway:
149791/QB 		KC-130F 	std
-			F-4 		std
The air show at Miramar is held over three days of which the
Friday was officially for military personnel, but it was no problem
to get onto the base. The flying display is not good for photography
as the sun is on the wrong side most of the time. The large
numbers of helicopters were easy to see, but more difficult to
log due to the way they were parked, folded tails, etc. Special
thanks to Mark Forest for his report on this area.

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