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Moffett Field 1999

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Date: 18/19 June 1999

Made by: Colin Halstead, Johnny Ross

Updated: 20 November 1999

ANG Ramp: 
65-0981/CA            HC-130             USAF/CA ANG 
00161                 MC-130E            USAF 
26106                 H-60               USAF 
26120                 H-60               USAF 

NASA Ames Ramp: 
30701                 RC-12              USAF 
60221                 HC-130             USAF/CA ANG 
736                   AH-1               US Army 
78-23012              JUH-60A            US Army 
26115                 H-60 
N905NA/NASA905        B747               NASA 
164604/XF             F-14D              USN/VX-9 
162900/47             F/A-18             USN/NSAWC 
162906/44             F/A-18A            USN/NSAWC 
164228/VK-10          F/A-18             USMC/VMFA(AW)-121 
164263/VK-04          F/A-18             USMC/VMFA(AW)-121 
164640/NK-300         F/A-18C            USN/VFA-113 "USS Abraham Lincoln" 
164682/NK-310         F/A-18C            USN/VFA-113 "USS Abraham Lincoln" 
165173/VW-200         F/A-18A            USMC/VMFA-314 
165191/VW-202         F/A-18A            USMC/VMFA-314 
N817NA/NASA843        F/A-18             NASA 
NASA Ames Hangar: 
NASA805               Lear Jet           NASA 

Inside Blimp Hangar: 
N706NA                Hiller (?)         NASA 
N715NA                DHC-5              NASA (modified beyond all recognition) 
                      F/A-18             dark blue, USAF/USN/NASA titles ?? 
                      T-39               all white, unmarked ?? 
Outside Blimp Hangar: 
NASA714               C-141              NASA 

North East Static: 
N73544                C-121              ex 54-0156 
N44RD                 HU-16 

Display Aircraft Parking: 
N117RH                MiG-17 
N217JG                MiG-17 
NX117BR               MiG-17 
N97869                L-29               "2847/Czech AF" 
NX395R                L-29 
       /FU-067        F-86 

Warbirds Ramp: 
N9124Z                T-33A 

Southern Display Ramp: 
80-0215/DM wh         A-10A              USAF/355Wg 
       /DM wh         A-10A              USAF/355Wg 

Gate guards: 
128393/YD-00          SP-2H Neptune      preserved 
150509/PM-31          P-3A Orion         preserved 

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