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New Orleans 2009

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Date: 3 May 2009

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79-0107/KC 		A-10A 		303rd FS
97-5305 		WC-130J 	53rd WRS 
63-7985                 KC-135R 	465th ARS
79-0036/JZ 		F-15C 		122nd FS LA ANG
79-0037/JZ 		F-15C 		122nd FS LA ANG
07-02037 		UH-72A 		1-114th AVN LA NG
92-0336/RA 		T-1A 		99th FTS
05-3810/XL 		T-6A 		84th FTS
64-13285/BB 		T-38A 		1st RS
64-13297/BB 		T-38A 		1st RS
166897/NJ-563 		EA-18G 		VAQ-129
161512 			UC-12B 		New Orleans
165741/EZ 		UC-35C 		New Orleans
164353/AF-601 		E-2C 		VAW-77
164387 			E-6B 		VQ-3
162890/AF-400 		F/A-18A 	VFA-204
163135/AF-401 		F/A-18A 	VFA-204
165051/MM-14 		AH-1W 		HMLA-773 det A
158560/MM-28 		UH-1N 		HMLA-773 det A
166003/F-003 		T-6A 		TW-6
160274/G-771 		T-34C 		TW-4
164173/G-702 		T-34C 		TW-4
160841/G-471 		T-44A 		VT-31
163609/B-209 		T-45A 		TW-2
6576 			HH-65C 		New Orleans

82-0653/KC 		A-10A 		303rd FS
04-4078/FF 		F-22A 		94th FS
85-1607 		C-31A 		Golden Nights
164763 			C-130T 		Blue Angels
761591/AF-120 		F-5N 		VFC-111
162878/AF-404 		F/A-18A 	VFA-204
162905/AF-405 		F/A-18A         VFA-204
162834/AF-410 		F/A-18A         VFA-204
(162862)/AF-411 	F/A-18A         VFA-204
163151/AF-412 		F/A-18A         VFA-204
162859/AF-414 		F/A-18A         VFA-204
166457/NJ-125 		F/A-18F         VFA-122
1664(52)/NJ-126 	F/A-18F         VFA-122
6556 			MH-65C 		New Orleans
Also seen were the Blue Angels with their Hornets and some
ten 122nd FS Eagles under sun sheds.

Flying Only:
82-1070/WM 		B-2A 		393nd BS
The B-52, which made some fly-by’s, remained unknown.

147750/AF-401 		A-4L 		preserved
164762/CW 		C-130T 		VR-54 hangar
(161726)/1 		F/A-18A 	preserved
(157761)/MM-01 		AH-1J 		preserved
(153444)/PZ-94 		P-3B 		preserved
Four unknown USCG MH-65’s were parked in their hangar.

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