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Niagara Falls 1992

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Date: 27 June 1992

Made by:

Updated: 30 November 2003

ZA461/DK	Tornado GR.1		   14 Sqn
ZD790/DL	Tornado GR.1		   14 Sqn                                 
78-0467/MA	A-10A Thunderbolt II	   131 FS Death Vipers, 103 FG            
78-0603		A-10A Thunderbolt II	   131 FS Death Vipers, 103 FG            
84-0058		B-1B Lancer	                                                  
69-0003		C-5A Galaxy		   337AS, 439 AW Patriot Wing             
63-7852		C-130E Hercules		   328 TAS, 914 TAG
59-1447		KC-135E Stratotanker	   434ARW                                 
75-0084/ET	F-15B-13 Eagle		   3246 TW                                
81-0702		F-16A ADF Fighting Falcon  136FIS/107FIG "New York's Finest"
85-0830/TR	F-117A Nighthawk	   37FW
68-7989/OK	T-37B Tweet	
62-3637		T-38A Talon	
60-3476		T-39B Sabreliner	   4950 TW                  
161090/WK-504	A-6E Intruder		   VMA(AW)-224,MAG-31, 2 MAW
....../AD-104	F-14 Tomcat		   VF-101 Grim Reapers      
....../AD-103	F-14 Tomcat		   VF-101 Grim Reapers      
161417/AG-101	F-14B tarps Tomcat	   VF-143 Pukin Dogs, CVW-7 
160107/HF-00	AH-1W Cobra		   HML-269, MAG-29, 2 MAW   
155470/ER-03	OV-10D Bronco	
N841NA		F/A-18A Hornet		   BuNo 161216

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