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Niagara Falls 1995

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Date: 25 June 1995

Made by:

Updated: 30 November 2003

114090/090	CT-114 Tutor		2 CFFTS/15 Wing
188740/740	CF-188A Hornet		425 Sqn/3 Wing
45+18		Tornado IDS		JBG38
78-0583/MA	A-10A Thunderbolt II	131 FS/103 FG
69-0020		C-5A Galaxy		337AS/439 AW
84-0127		C-21A Learjet		458 AS/375 AW
85-1608		C-31A Friendship	Golden Knights
92-3281/NF	C-130H Hercules		328 AS/914 AG
92-3288/NF	C-130H Hercules		328 AS/914 AG
62-3512		KC-135R Stratotanker	136ARS/107 ARG
67-0026		C-141B Starlifter	437/315 AW
69-7228/WW	F-4G Phantom II		561 FS/57 W
69-0241/WW	F-4G Phantom II		561 FS/57 W
84-1383		F-16C Fighting Falcon	119FS/177 FG
85-1411		F-16C Fighting Falcon	119FS/177 FG
70-2416/CC	F-111F Aardvark		522FS/27 FW
69-6618		UH-1N Iroquois		1HS/89AW
70-16252	UH-1H Iroquois		2/142 AVN
79-23199	AH-1F Cobra		1/142 AVN
58-1910/LB	T-37B Tweet		35 FTS/64 FTW
69-7087/RA	T-38A Talon		560 FTS/12 FTW
....../AA-515	A-6E Intruder		VA-75/CVW-17
160902		F-14A Tomcat		VF-84
164884/EA-510	F/A-18D Hornet		VMFA(AW)-332/MAG-31/2 MAW
		T-34C Mentor		TW-5

N9GA		JetRanger II	
N578RS/75-049	Stearman 75	
N605DM		Magister	
N3024M		Cherokee Archer	
N4026K/NAV4-1026 L-17 Navion		US Army c/s "JP-26"
N5486J		HA 200 Saeta	
N5488V/TP-121	SNJ-5			VC-10 c/s
NC8600/190	Fawn? (Finch)(Type 1/2)	Canadian c/s
N29678/DB-999	AT-6 Texan	
N31274		Citabria 7ECA		Turkey
N75045		H269C	
N76912		T-28A Trojan	
N73520/44	PT-26 Cornell	
N95037/K-E	B-17G Flying Fortress	708BS/477BG/8AF c/s
N9568H/14475	PT-26A			Canadian c/s

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