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Niagara Falls 1999

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Date: 11 July 1999

Made by: Ron van Dijk


90-0533              C-17A               97thAMW/58thAS com. 
67-0170              C-5A                137thAS/105thAW/NY.ANG 
81-0981/PA           A-10A               103thFS/111thFW/PA.ANG 
80-0196/PA           A-10A               103thFS/111thFW/PA.ANG 
6001                 HH-60J              USCG Cape Cod 
63-8036              KC-135R             136thARS/107thARW/NY.ANG 
92-3287              C-130H              328thAS/914thAW/NY.ANG 
89-0501/SJ           F-15E               336thFS/4thFW 
89-0485/SJ           F-15E               336thFS/4thFW 
77-0106              F-15A               101thFS/102ndFW/MA.ANG 
163649/B-249         T-45A               TW2 
165071/B-271         T-45A               TW2 
95-0066/XL           T-1A                86thFTS/47thFTW 
158033/NJ-566        EA-6B               VAQ129 
163046/NJ-532        EA-6B               VAQ129 
160638/E-638         T-34C               TAW5 
59-0375/XL           T-37B               85thFTS/47thFTW 

85-0071/GA           B-1B                128thBS/116thBW/GA.ANG 
....../AD-130        F-14                VF101 
....../AD-123        F-14                VF101 
..-..../FF           F-15C               bl/1FW 
83-0019/FF           F-15C               27thFS/1FW 
7x                   F-16C               Thunderbirds 
1x                   F-16D               Thunderbirds 
164658/NK-303        FA-18C              VFA113 
164682/NK-310        FA-18C              VFA113 

C-130H 328thAS/914thAW/NY ANG: 
92-2382, 92-3285, 92-3286 
KC-135R 136thARS/914thAW/NY ANG: 
59-1466, 59-1522, 63-7981, 63-8872 

58-0023             KC-135R              NM 
65-0267             C-141B               62thAW 
85-1608             C-31A                Golden Knights 

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