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Oceana 2008

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Date: 19 September 2008

Made by:


142803 			CT-142 		402 sq
156118 			CT-156 		NFTC
60-0003/BD 		B-52H 		93rd BS
62-1844 		C-130E 		62nd AS        
69-5833                 HC-130N 	550th SOS     
57-1438                 KC-135R 	336th ARS/AFRC
91-0099/RA 		T-1A 		99th FTS
69-7087/RA 		T-38C 		560th FTS
160791			EA-6B 		no mks
164687/23 		F/A-18A 	VFC-12
165176/AC-300 		F/A-18C 	VFA-37 
166650/AC-400           F/A-18E 	VFA-105
166661/AC-100           F/A-18F 	VFA-32 
166799/AB-203           F/A-18F 	VFA-211
156432/MQ-437           CH-46E 		HMM-774 
163619/B-219 		T-45A 		TW-2
165474/A-(1)31 		T-45C 		TW-1
166391/MV-22 		MV-22B 		VMX-22
N.... 			SNJ-5 		ex USN 43689
N2VY 			T-34B 		ex USN 140733
N21790 			CJ-6 		c/n 4232022         
N104RB                  CF-104D 	ex CAF 104632    
N104RN                  CF-104 		ex CAF 104759     
N104RD                  CF-104 		ex CAF 104850     
N129DH                  L-29 		ex Indonesia LL-2914
N404AX                  Kfir C2 	ATAC, ex IDF 820 
N615BG                  Bulldog T1 	ex RAF XX516  
N65491                  T-28B 		ex USN 138245      
N7381C                  C-45 		ex USAAF 44-47696   
N8020K                  Fuji LM-1 	JASDF mks      
N8267E                  Sk61E 		ex Sweden 61053    
NX2146J 		S.Master Mk48 	ex Singapore 310

188703 			CF-188 		425 sq (special c/s)
188752                  CF-188 		425 sq              
188917                  CF-188B 	425 sq             
03-4050/FF, 04-4082/FF 	F-22A 		1st FW
N51PE 			P-51D 		ex 45-111586
N995X 			L-39C 		ex Russia 332507/77rd
N55107 			L-39C 		ex Russia 433136
NL51HY 			P-51D 		ex 45-111439

F/A-18Fs from VFA-211:
166808/AB-205, 166809/AB-207#, 166813/AB-211#

F/A-18Es from VFA-136:
166822/AB-302#, 166827/AB-307#, 166828/AB-310

F/A-18Fs from VFA-11:
166623/AB-110#, 166624/AC-102#, 166627/AB-112#
166630/AC-105#, 166631/AC-106, 166633/AC-107

F/A-18C/D/Fs from VFA-106:
163481/AD-320#, 163483/AD-321, 163730/AD-303#
164014/AD-434, 164218/AD-307, 164900/AD-354
165797/AD-213, 166456/AD-231

F/A-18A/B of the Blue Angels:
163093/1, 163106/2, 161967/3, 162826/4
161948/5, 162437/6, 161723/7, 161943/7

Hangar near Flightline:
166617/AG-207 F/A-18F VFA-103

F/A-18Fs from VFA-111:
166628/AB-100, 166625/AB-103, 166626/AB-111
166629/AB-104, 166634/AC-101

F/A-18Fs from VFA-32:
166664/AC-102, 166669/AC-106, 166671/AC-110
166792/AC-112, 166793/AC-101,

Hangar A:
159119 C-9B VR-56
164655/1, 164647/7 F/A-18C VFC-12
164673/10 F/A-18C VFC-12

Hangar B:
165799/AD-214 F/A-18F VFA-106

F/A-18Fs from VFA-211:
166797/AB-201, 166807/AB-204, 166814/AB-212
166815/AB-214, 166816/AB-215, 166819/AD-153
The 166819 still carried the code from its previous operater

Temporarily stored F/A-18 line:
166832/AA-162 		F/A-18F 	VFA-81 
166834/AA-164           F/A-18F         VFA-81 
166657/AC-407           F/A-18E         VFA-105
166647/AC-411		F/A-18E		VFA-105
166648/AC-412           F/A-18E         VFA-105
166654/AC-404           F/A-18E         VFA-105
165177/AD-357		F/A-18C		VFA-106

F/A-18s from VFA-106 AD-xxx:
F/A-18A: 162875/343, 163148/340
F/A-18B: 161924/421, 163110/420 
F/A-18C: 163702/300, 163775/324, 164204/304 
F/A-18C: 164221/312, 164912/356,           
F/A-18D: 163479/402, 163482/401, 164228/441
F/A-18E: 165535/103, 165663/111, 165666/114
F/A-18E: 166643/130, 166645/132            
F/A-18F: 165542/204, 165544/202, 165672/205
F/A-18F: 165674/212, 165676/210, 165801/222
F/A-18F: 165806/220, 166458/235, 166453/230
F/A-18F: 166677/234                        

Hangar VFA-105:
166653/AC-403 		F/A-18E 	VFA-105 
166655/AC-405		F/A-18E 	VFA-105 
166644/AC-406		F/A-18E 	VFA-105 
166646/AC-410           F/A-18E         VFA-105 
....../AD-162		F/A-18		nn
Hangar VFA-37:                                  
165179/AC-305		F/A-18C		VFA-37
165184/AC-306           F/A-18C         VFA-37  
165185/AC-310           F/A-18C         VFA-37  
165196/AC-303           F/A-18C         VFA-37  
165203/AC-307           F/A-18C         VFA-37  
165471/AD-351		F/A-18C		VFA-106

CNATTU Hangar:
Outside hangar:
163430/01 		F/A-18C 	SFWSL
160509/AD-01 		T-34C 		SFWSL
Inside hangar:
164948/AD-353 		F/A-18C 	VFA-106 
163436/AD-411           F/A-18D         VFA-106 
163452/AD-410           F/A-18D         VFA-106 
166830, 166831/161 	F/A-18F         (VFA-81)
166836/AA-166 		F/A-18F         VFA-81  
165665/AD-112           F/A-18E         VFA-106 
165540/AD-107           F/A-18E         VFA-106 
166662/AD-275           F/A-18F         VFA-106 
166672/AD-251           F/A-18F         VFA-106 

Hangar mkd VFA-87:
166601/AG-111 		F/A-18E 	VFA-143
166609/AG-101 		F/A-18E 	VFA-143

F/A-18s from VFA-106:
F/A-18C: 163773, 163487/AD-334       
F/A-18C: 163499/AD-327, 164229/AD-310
F/A-18D: 163460/AD-405, 163997/AD-430
F/A-18D: 164053/AD-436, 164263/AD-440

Blue hangar:
166821/AB-301           F/A-18E         VFA-136
166823/AB-303 		F/A-18E 	VFA-136
166825/AB-305		F/A-18E		VFA-136
166826/AB-306           F/A-18E         VFA-136
166820/AB-300 		F/A-18E 	VFA-136
166818/AB-312 		F/A-18F 	VFA-136
166817/AB-313 		F/A-18F 	VFA-136
163465/AD-336		F/A-18C		VFA-106
165404/AG-405           F/A-18C         VFA-131
165408/AG-411           F/A-18C         VFA-131
165215/AG-415           F/A-18C         VFA-131
163751/NH-407		F/A-18C		VFA-81
166835			F/A-18E		nmks (VFA-81)
F/A-18C from VFA-83 AG-3xx:
164201/300, 164225/306, 164243/304

Hot cargo ramp:
05-5140 		C-17A 		729th AS AFRC
93-7311 		C-130H 		187th AS WY ANG
164763 			C-130T 		Blue Angels
166849/NH-106 		F/A-18F 	VFA-41 #
N22NA 			T-6G 		ex USAF 49-3222 #

164110/660 		E-2C 		VAW-120
165297/AB-601 		E-2C-II 	VAW120
162513/BJ-541 		MH-53E 		HM-14
164861/BJ-544 		MH-53E 		HM-14

Flying only:
164497/642		E-2C+		VAW-120		20 Sept

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