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Pease 1986

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Date: 8 July 1986

Made by:


71-0333/VA	A-7D		192TFG/149TFS VA ANG
78-.708/NY	A-10A		174TFW/138TFS NY ANG
57-6476		B-52G		42BW			Loring AFB
67-0173		C-5A		436MAW			Dover AFB
61-2365		WC-130E	  	41RWRW/53WRS		Keesler AFB
64-0650		C-141B		438MAW			McGuire AFB
64-0949-07	F-4D		119FIG/178FIS ND ANG
66-7771/DO	F-4D		906TFG/89TFS		Wright Ptsn. AFB
83-1157/SW	F-16C		363TFW			Shaw AFB
83-1158/SW	F-16C		363TFW			Shaw AFB
59-0047		F-106A		177FIG/119FIS NJ ANG
67-7196		FB-111A		509BW			Pease AFB
68-0273		FB-111A		509BW			Pease AFB
68-0282		FB-111A		509BW			Pease AFB
2101		HU-25A		USCG			CGAS Cape Cod
59-1494		KC-135E		157ARG/133ARS NH ANG
56-3593*	KC-135E		157ARG/133ARS NH ANG
154592/LY	P-3B		VP-92			NAS So Weymouth
1472		HH-3F		USCG			CGAS Cape Cod
XL189		Victor		55 SQ/RAF		Marham

* = also flying

Flight Line:
KC-135A	 509BW:   57-1474 62-3502 64-14828 62-3529 62-3532 62-3505 62-3509
KC-135E  NH ANG:  56-3953 59-1509
FB-111A  509BW:   67-7194

Alert Facility:
KC-135A  509BW:   62-3538 63-8872 62-3568  
KC-135Q  509BW:	  60-0345
KC-135E  NH ANG:  57-1428 59-1450       

Misc Flight Line:
68-10961	C-9A     
84-0087		C-21A     
...		C-160		French AF
And "la Patrouille de France" with their Alpha Jets

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